Mad Men finale: Stars tweet about the end of iconic show

It was the end of the 'Martini at lunchtime' era for TV fans as much loved show Mad Men came to a close. In the Twitterverse followers of the series hailed the finale, shown in the US on Sunday, as perfect viewing.

Fans thought that perhaps Don Draper had finally found meaning in his life at a hippy retreat but he actually came up with his next great idea which was for a Coca Cola advert. Don, played by Jon Hamm, smiled as he thought of the line: I'd like to buy the world a Coke".

The scene pleased executives at the drinks giant who tweeted: "A bright idea indeed, Don. Thanks for thinking of us."

While he was the consummate ad man, the main character was always a lousy husband and father. In the finale Don's dying ex-wife Betty asked him to stay out of their children's lives, allowing them to be raised by her brother rather than him after her death.

Meanwhile, the agency's bombshell secretary Joan started a new business from her kitchen table and was seen in the last scene giving instructions to her own female assistant. Christina Hendricks, the actress who brought her to life, had previously spoken of her grief at saying goodbye to her character. She told the LA Confidential magazine: "I don't think I'll ever get over it".

Another key character Peggy got her happy ending, finding love with one of her long-time colleagues Stan.

Director Judd Apatow tweeted about his sadness to see the "amazing show" come to an end, saying he had consoled himself by drinking large amounts of scotch.

The finale pleased Michael Moore who described the ending as "pure genius". The campaigning filmmaker wrote: "Mad Men! Pure genius. Hippie culture commodified in the service of profit, capitalism uniting us all w/ a catchy jingle. Bravo!

"That's how it ends?!" I think the point is that it doesn't. #MadMenFinale

— Mara Wilson (@MaraWritesStuff) May 18, 2015

Writer and actor Bill Corbett made a reference to the show's most annoying character, saying: 'Very disappointed nobody punched Pete Campbell one last time. #MadMenFinale'.

Talk show host Andy Cohen wrote: '#MadMenFinale was perfect. I want more. Praying that AMC announces a Joan spinoff in the morning!! #HaveACokeAndASmile'.

Journalist Abby Schreiber ‏said: "Of course Don's smile would not be from enlightenment and happiness but from getting a great ad idea. #MadMenFinale".