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5 things you need to know about Zoolander 2

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It will be the fashion event of the year as some of the world's top models strut down the runway for the first time in over a decade. No, it's not Cindy Crawford or Christie Brinkley, but rather Derek Zoolander and Hansel. The duo are set to hit the big screen again in February 2016, but everyone is already talking about the highly anticipated film after the first trailer was released over the weekend.

And as we prepare to be graced with Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson's ridiculously good looking faces, we've rounded up the top five things you need to know about Zoolander 2.

Zoolander © Photo: Rex

Zoolander 2 is due in cinemas in February 2016

1. Justin Bieber might make a cameo

Justin Bieber teased fans in April when he posted a photo of him face-to-face with Ben Stiller showing off their best versions of "Blue Steel." He captioned the image, "@benstiller #Zoolander2 #itsawignotmynewhair."

The heart-throb alerted his Facebook fans that he was headed to Europe. He used one of the key lines from the first movie, adding speculation he was talking about a role in Zoolander 2, that was filming in Rome. "Working on something big right now in Europe. To learn more follow me on Fahlo. He is so hot right now," he posted.

Justin is not the only famous face set to grace the film; the movie will feature a star-studded cast including Ben Stiller's wife Christine Taylor, Owen Wilson, Penelope Cruz, Will Ferrell and Olivia Munn. It has been mentioned that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West will also make a cameo.

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2. Ben and Owen surprised everyone at Paris Fashion Week

Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller, dressed as their alternate personas from their hit 2001 comedy, were in full character at the Valentino show in March. In a promotional stunt for the upcoming film, the duo strutted down the runway to audience cheers and even caught the eye of fashion's #1 doyenne of style Anna Wintour.

Their appearance on the catwalk began with classical music before the '80s hit Don't You Want Me by The Human League came on, followed by the two stars. The crowd went wild as the duo had a "walk-off", a the classic runway competition featured in the original film.

3. The trailer leaked before it was officially released

While everyone was buzzing about the hilarious trailer for the movie being released on 2 August, it was actually leaked on 31 July before Paramount Pictures officially put it up.

The clip features a Stephen Hawking-like voice as the intro contemplating the theory of time and the big bang before cutting to the delightfully stupid Derek Zoolander asking, "If God exists then why did he make ugly people?"

Zoolander 2 - Official Teaser

4. Owen Wilson accidentally gained weight for the role

Filming in Rome certainly has its advantages, but it also led to problems for Owen. "It was a little bit of a challenge because Italian food, it's not exactly gluten free. I did struggle with that early on and Ben was giving me notes about, you know, you're playing a supermodel. But then I decided that maybe I could play this guy as kind of doughy, like a doughy supermodel," Owen said on Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

"They don't always have to be ripped, right? So I went that direction. And I think when you see the movie, I think you'll like that choice. It's more human, it's more inclusive."

5. Justin Theroux helped write the film

Known for his more serious roles like Kevin Garvey in The Leftovers, Justin Theroux is showing off his comedic writing skills by penning the script to Zoolander 2 along with Ben Stiller.

The actor and Jennifer Aniston's fiancé was spotted on set in Rome in April making sure his hilarious words come to life. The 43-year-old even made an appearance in the first film playing the evil DJ.