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The Apprentice 2015: Aisha Kasim fired

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Candidates got themselves in a lather in episode two of The Apprentice as they attempted to create and brand a new shampoo. With the teams split into boys versus girls, the hopefuls set to work brainstorming names, designing packaging and producing a digital billboard along with a 30-second advert – before pitching their ideas to Lord Sugar and a team of industry experts.In the end, Team Versatile were victorious. The boys, led by Project Manager Richard, were deemed to have stuck closest to the brief out of the two teams, and were rewarded for their efforts with an anti-gravity yoga class.

apprentice2 © Photo: BBC

PM Aisha brought Natalie (left) and Vana back into the boardroom

Team Connexus, headed up by Aisha, quickly came under fire. "Ladies, not a very good campaign. You haven't used any of your skills, any of your knowledge, any of the things you claim that you're experts at," Lord Sugar told them.PM Aisha then chose to bring Natalie and Vana back into the boardroom – a decision that proved costly. "Aisha – a lot of people are saying that you didn't do a good job and you were Project Manager of a disaster," the business magnate said. "Natalie – the pitch was bad, and I'm very, very disappointed that you gave up on the product. Anybody that worked for me that gave up on their product would be out that door very, very quickly… very very quickly. You cannot give up on your product. And for that reason I struggle badly.

apprentice aisha © Photo: BBC

Aisha became the second candidate to be fired

"One thing I am sure about though is that VanaI don't personally think you should be sitting here today in this last boardroom. So on that basis, you're going to remain in the process. Aisha – you brought the wrong person back in the case of Vana. I haven't got a clue why you brought her back, and that's a sign of your poor judgement."But Natalie, I have to say this to you, I am terribly disappointed at somebody who messes up a pitch then goes down-heel on the product. "Aisha – you came up with the name, you came up with the brand, and you came up with the flower so Aisha, you're fired."