Lily James confirms return to Downton Abbey for final episode

Lily James has let slip that she will be resuming her role of Lady Rose Aldridge for the last episode of Downton Abbey. The actress, who left the show in the last Christmas special, made the revelation in an interview with Harper's Bazaar.

"It was amazing going back after a break," Lily said. "You are just totally re-inspired by the wonder of it, that grand house against grey skies and all the friends you haven't seen in so long."


Lily James has let slip that she will return to Downton Abbey

The 26-year-old also acknowledged that starring in the popular period drama had transformed her career.

"I have such happy, positive memories and a sense of accomplishment about being on the show," Lily told Harper's Bazaar. "I don't know if I'd be sitting here if it weren't for Downton. It would have all been very different."

Lily's character Lady Rose left the show during the Christmas Day episode in 2014 after marrying Atticus Aldridge. The couple relocated to New York, and while they have been absent from the sixth and final series, they have been mentioned a number of times with the suggestion that Lady Rose could be pregnant.

The popular period drama will come to an end on Christmas Day

"I think she could be pregnant," Lady Mary said in one episode, while reading through a letter from her cousin which said: "I might be back in August, but it's a bit early to say." However Edith plays down the idea, telling her sister: "As usual, you add two and two and make 53."

Little is known about how the drama will culminate, however it is expected that one of the leading characters will get married. A member of the public found a wedding order of service that had been left behind by the show's crew at a church in Bampton, Oxfordshire in September. It included the name of the bride and groom, as well as the hymns, prayers and vows used in the service – although HELLO! Online chose not to identify who is walking down the aisle.