Downton Abbey video: will Mary end up with Henry or Tom?

Tensions which have been boiling longer than one of Mrs Patmore's dinner finally spill over in Downton Abbey's finale this weekend. A trailer shows Lady Mary Crawley and Edith going head to head, with the younger sibling accusing her sister of being "nasty" and "jealous".

Is the argument because Mary, played by Michelle Dockery, threatens to reveal the truth about Edith's illegitimate daughter after her engagement to Bertie Pelham and is the feisty aristocrat picking a quarrel to hide her own heartache?


With just one episode to go before the feature-length Christmas special Downton superfans are on tenterhooks about so many questions.


Mary is being romanced by Henry but she has also grown close to her brother-in-law Tom

Mary is in a thunderous mood after ending her romance to racing Henry Talbot (Matthew Goode) and they argue too. She is seen telling him: "You push in here... into my home in order to call me a grubby gold-digger. You've got a nerve."

After a passionate kiss in the rain, it all seemed to bode well for the Downton heiress but the course of true love has never run smoothly for Mary.

The car crash last week brought back memories of her husband's death leaving Mary shaken

Will the lovers make up or will she find happiness in the arms of Tom Branson? He is the widower of her sister and was once the family chauffeur – both factors that argue against them ending up together. However, Tom does see the 'real' Mary and they have been as thick as thieves this series.

In the last episode he was also introduced to Edith's clever female editor, a woman in the mould of his late wife Sybil so that leaves the door open for another romance.

Viewers know from an order of service left behind by mistake in a church where the cast was filming that another wedding takes place, but whose is it?

Edith must decide whether to risk losing Bertie by telling him about her illegitimate child

There are several other potential couples – Mrs Patmore's friendship with Mr Mason the farmer continues to grow despite his daughter-in-law Daisy's disapproval and Mr Moseley and Baxter have become close.

Meanwhile, Barrow is surely due a lucky break. In the old fashioned era of Downton he could never marry as a gay character, but perhaps his friendship with Andy will finally turn into something more.

The other key storyline that fans want resolved is Anna's pregnancy. Will Mary's loyal maid give birth safely to her longed for child?

Tom has met Edith's clever female editor who might be a possible love interest

There have also been several hints throughout the series that the family's grand way of life cannot continue, and it may be that the house is closed up forever.

The earl (Hugh Bonneville) was seen telling Mr Carson (Jim Carter) the faithful butler: "If I could stop history in its tracks, maybe I would. But I can't, Carson. You nor I can hold back time."

However, before the residents of Downton head off to pastures new, there is still plenty of action to be had, including the return of Lady Rose from America, possibly pregnant. Whatever the outcome Jim Carter, who plays Carson, has told the audience to have "two hankies" at the ready.

His on-screen wife actres Phyllis Logan describes how he cried when the cameras stop rolling, saying: "This was the last, last ever scene.Poor old Sophie [McShera, who plays Daisy] had practically been crying through all the takes.

"Jim had been very stalwart and he very kindly gave a speech on behalf of us all. Then he, half way through, started going."