Ola Jordan remembers Strictly highlights as she bids farewell to the show

She is set to take her final bow at the end of this year's Strictly, but ahead of her departure Ola Jordan has bid farewell to her fans and fellow dancers. The Polish beauty made her final appearance on spin-off show It Takes Two on Tuesday night, where she discussed the highlights of her decade-long career.

When asked by presenter Zoe Ball if she had a favourite celebrity dance partner, Ola said: "I couldn't pick. Obviously, they were all different, in dancing and personalities, in ability. But they were all great. I'm friends with most of them."

Despite having taken to the dancefloor dozens and dozens of times, Ola insisted that she still gets nervous.


Ola Jordan will take her final bow at the end of this year's Strictly

"You're nervous for your partners," she said. "But you try not to show it too much, because they get more nervous than you."

What she will miss most is "the people I work with, all of them," she added.

After ten years of starring in Strictly it's no surprise that Ola, 33, has amassed a legion of fans. She took to Twitter to give her supporters a special message of thanks.

What she will miss most is "the people I work with, all of them"

"Thank you Tweeps for all your sweet comments," she wrote. "I was so nervous in my interview I forgot to say the one thing I really wanted to........ I wanted to thank ALL of you for your continuous support over my 10 years on the show and to say I love you all from the bottom of my heart."

The popular Polish beauty, who made her announcement last month, showed her appreciation by retweeting some messages and pictures that her fans had sent her.

"Goodbye @The_OlaJordan she has brought many smiles on people's faces especially mine. So talented. WE LOVE YOU OLA!" wrote one follower who created a collage of Ola through the years.

Ola and presenter Chris Hollins won the glitterball trophy in 2009

"Cannot believe it has been 10 years... Here are some of Ola's best bits. Never stop dancing," wrote another fan alongside a collage of Ola's highlights.

Last month Ola, who won the coveted glitterball trophy with presenter Chris Hollins in 2009, also used Twitter to confirm her Strictly exit. Writing that it was "time to move on to other things," Ola concluded her message by saying how "amazing" all the pro dancers are.