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Find out the sweet reason why Ed Sheeran is appearing in Game of Thrones

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Emmy Griffiths
TV & Film Editor
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Ed Sheeran has confirmed that he will be appearing in the seventh season of Game of Thrones as a surprise for Maisie Williams, who has been a huge fan of the singer for years. According to the show's creators, D.B. Weiss and David Benioff, they had been trying to get Ed involved for years as a surprise for the actress, who plays the fan favourite Arya Stark in the HBO series. Ed seemed to reveal that he had accepted a guest role by sharing an article about the exciting news, writing: "Guess the cats out the bag…"

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Maisie is a huge fan of Ed

Fans were quick to discuss Ed's new role, with one writing: "Petition for Galway Girl to play when Daenerys flies in," while another added: "Okay so apparently Ed Sheeran is going to have a cameo on got7 because Maisie Williams is a sheerio. When will my friends get Ed for me?" Many fans of the popular fantasy show also joked about what Ed's role in the show could be, with one writing: "Hopefully a shaggy-haired northerner mowed down by wights." Another joked: "Ed Sheeran in Game of thrones?? Couldn't get more excited! Bring me July now!! (Hope he doesn't die)."

arya stark

Maisie plays Arya in the fantasy show

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Ed isn't the only musician to have made a cameo in the show, as members of Coldplay, Of Monsters and Men and Mastadon have also previously made appearances – with members of Mastadon unrecognisable while playing the ice zombie wights. The showrunners have also recently confirmed that there will only be six episodes in the final season of the show, instead of the usual ten. David said: "We have a 140 page outline for what's only going to be six episodes for the final season," before shrugging off the leaks from season six. "People had the spoilers of Ned's death in a… book and somehow that season still worked," he said.