EastEnders star not happy with Mick and Linda Carter's cheating storyline

Danny-Boy Hatchard starred as their on-screen son Lee Carter

Gemma Strong

EastEnders fans might be gripped by Mick and Linda Carter's ongoing storyline, which has seen their marriage rocked by his affair with daughter-in-law Whitney. But not everyone is enjoying the infidelity plot. Danny-Boy Hatchard, who starred as Mick and Linda's son Lee, has admitted he thinks it’s a "shame" that Mick (Danny Dyer) cheated on his wife (Kellie Bright). "The whole idea that they wanted to go with with Mick and Linda was that they would never cheat, and it was a really nice thought," Danny-Boy, 26, told Yahoo News.


Ex-EastEnders star Danny-Boy Hatchard isn't a fan of Mick and Linda Carter's cheating storyline

"I am going to be biased because I love the family as a whole and they are a big part of who I am, but I think it's a shame that this happened." He continued: "I think it could have worked if they kept it the way it was, and it's a shame they felt the need to take their story in that direction, but it's the way that the soap world is."

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Danny-Boy starred as Lee for three years, from 2014 until his departure earlier this year. And while he might have left the BBC soap, he revealed he is still in the know when it comes to upcoming plots. "I don't get time to watch two hours a week of EastEnders," he said. "But I know a big storyline that is coming. I do get a bit of inside information every now and then, and I should hope so as I made some very good friends in the show."


Danny-Boy starred as Lee Carter from 2014 until 2017

He added: "It is nice to tune in every now and then to show my support. I am always going to fly the EastEnders flag on the sidelines because I am very proud of it, and I am proud of what we have achieved. It's good to lay Lee's storyline to bed for however long. Whether he come back in the future – with a new head or not – I don't know."

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During his time on the show, Danny-Boy was at the centre of some hard-hitting storylines, including Lee's battle with depression which saw the character contemplating ending his life at the top of a car parl. He is now set to star in the new play, Eyes Closed, Ears Covered, which explores the impact domestic violence can have on a young person's mental health.