The TV test with Martine McCutcheon

The Love Actually star, 41, talks all things TV with HELLO!

Singer and actress Martine McCutcheon, 41, released her first single in 16 years, Say I'm Not Alone, and her first album of original music this year. She is married to singer-songwriter Jack McManus, with whom she has a two-year-old son, Rafferty Jack. Martine, who will be performing live next month in Birmingham and London, sat down with us to talk all things TV. Her favourite show of all time, her guilty pleasure and her ideal leading man – the Love Actually star reveals all…

What's your favourite TV show of all time?

Friends. It never gets old for me and it reminds me of an amazing time in my life. The 90s were great!

What's the last thing you saw on catch-up?

Riviera on Sky. I love the glamour, the art and the intriguing storylines.

Who would be your ideal leading man?

Hugh Grant. I think he is one of the most loveable on-screen characters ever, and he's phenomenal to work with.

What's your guilty TV pleasure?

Keeping up with the Kardashians. I would love to say that I'm above it all and that I don't find them fascinating, but I do!

Which reality show would you most like to take part in?

Strictly Come Dancing because of the glamour, the sequins and the fact you have to learn an art form that I think is extremely hard. Some people just blossom. It's wonderful.

Who's the best ever on-screen couple?

Harry and Sally from When Harry Met Sally.

What's your favourite box set?

I absolutely love Murder She Wrote. And my favourite TV show of all time is The Golden Girls. It never failed to make me laugh out loud, and as I've grown up I've realised even more the naughty jokes incorporated into it. Blanche was the best character ever.

If you were a chatshow host, who would be on your guest wish list?

Michael Bublé – he's the biggest true star of our time right now.

What's your first TV memory?

That would be Antiques Roadshow, as a kid growing up and feeling depressed that I had to go to school the next day.

Which show do you never miss?

I'm not that bothered as we can always use catch-up. But I loved Big Little Lies, absolutely loved it. And the music, too!

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