Michelle Keegan as Georgie Lane

Fans delighted Our Girl has returned - with one heartbreaking exception

Did you miss Elvis on Our Girl on Tuesday night?

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Fans of the popular BBC drama Our Girl were delighted that it returned to our screens on Tuesday night, but many were quick to lament that Elvis, played by Luke Pasqualino, was no longer on the show. The character was tragically killed in the season three finale, and viewers took to Twitter to discuss his absence from the new series, with one writing: "Part of me cannot WAIT for Our Girl but the other part is still upset over Elvis," while another added: "I'm so conflicted about Our Girl. I want Elvis to come back but then I think the guy who got out of the red truck is going to play a massive part in the storyline and I wanna know more."


Michelle returned as Georgie Lane

Others suggested that Elvis' death stopped them from watching the show, with one tweeting: "I 110% chose to watch #loveisland over #ourgirl because I still haven't forgiven Our Girl for killing Elvis off that truly was the worst mistake BBC have ever made." Michelle Keegan, who plays Georgie Lane in the show, previously opened up about Luke's exit, telling Digital Spy: "[Luke Pasqualino] was one of my best mates. I was with him from day one. We were both new to this previous series. But obviously, he had to, because he had another job that he was contracted to."

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Did you watch the season four premiere?

She continued: "So yeah, it was bittersweet, because I knew we were going to get a really good storyline out of it, and I loved the fact that Georgie and Elvis finally got together, and the audience were happy they got together. But then obviously he had to leave. And I don't believe that Elvis would have left without Georgie if he didn't die."

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