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Danny Dyer defends daughter Dani's decision to star in Love Island 

anny Dyer spoke about supporting his daughter Dani during an appearance on Good Evening Britain

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Danny Dyer has opened up about his daughter Dani's decision to participate on Love Island. Chatting to Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid on Good Evening Britain, the EastEnders actor argued with Piers Morgan about the show, and revealed that he thinks Dani will win the £50k prize money. Danny explained: "I didn't want her to do it, I've never seen it before but you fear as a father.... What it is, it's entertainment, right? It is what it is. It's a game show. £50 grand at stake and Dani's going to win it... I cannot moan as a father. She hasn't put a foot wrong... We're watching it unfold and it isn't that bad Piers." He also defended the show when Piers called the contestants idiots, adding: "Well, listen, all I can speak for is my daughter. Not all of them are idiots, one of them is an A&E doctor! She's a grown adult, she's a smart kid."


Danny defended his daughter, Dani

The Good Morning Britain presenter initially apologised to Danny for giving the contestants of Love Island a hard time, saying: "I'd like to clarify that doesn't include anyone in the villa called Dani Dyer. She's a shining oasis of intelligence and beauty... I'm sorry about any misunderstanding that may have arisen." Danny was quick to stop Piers in his tracks, telling him: "Stop talking Piers! Talking, talking, rambling on!"

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Danny also spoke about Dani's boyfriend in the show, Jack, saying: "He seems like a good kid," jokily adding that he would "strangle him" if he hurt his daughter. The dad of three has previously voiced his support of Dani on social media. He posted a snap of himself skydiving on Instagram, and wrote: "On me way to have a couple of cheeky tequilas with some slice of a geezer called Jack. #fathersday #loveisland." He shared another snap of his younger daughter, Sunnie, and captioned the photo: "Me and the Wife have come to accept the fact that we was put on the planet to reproduce Love Islanders... Oh well...embrace it... Good luck in 2028 Sunnie."

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