The Handmaid's Tale: Has the season 2 ending already been hinted?

Could this take place in The Handmaid's Tale season two finale?

The Handmaid's Tale season two is well underway on Channel 4, and one eagle-eyed viewer has pointed out how fire imagery has been used regularly throughout the course of the series, and could hint at the events of the finale. Posting on Reddit, a keen fan of the show pointed out that the finale of the show could well see the Waterford residence go up in flames and Serena may get the blame.

Fire imagery has been used throughout the series

It has long been suggested by fans that there will be fire in the season finale after a Gilead-style fire engine was spotted on set, and motifs including June setting fire to her red cloak and the contraband letters, Nick playing with a lighter, and Serena struggling with quitting smoking for the sake of the baby, are all suggestions that fire plays an important part in the series. In fact, Serena's smoking habits is thought to either become the main cause of the fire, or be framed to look like it is, giving June the perfect opportunity to escape with her baby.

Have you noticed the hints?

The Reddit user, r/AlaerysTargaryen, explained: "What just occurred to me that Serena will be blamed and that it's been foreshadowed. Remember that first clashing scene between her and Aunt Lydia? She was reprimanded and told that smoking is bad for the baby… She probably start smoking again and someone one will accuse her, maybe Rita and Aunt Lydia who already dislikes her greatly... That will be a hell of an ending because I'm pretty sure Gilead will finally punish the Waterfords."

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Fans of the show were quick to discuss the theory, with one writing: "This is such a good theory. There have been so many references to her cigarettes this season, I would be shocked if they didn't play a role," while another added: "I think maybe Rita will set the fire and frame Serena for it using the contraband cigarettes. The fire will serve as a diversion to get somebody (June, the baby, both) out of Gilead."

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