Coronation Street spoilers 30 July - 3 August: Billy lands himself in trouble

Coronation Street spoilers: Everything you need to know

Emmy Griffiths

Coronation Street has an exciting week ahead full of twins and turns, including drama with David leading to some serious consequences for Billy, Gemma landing herself into some serious trouble at the Rovers, and Daniel and Sinead finding out some shocking news that will turn their lives upside down. Find out what to expect from this week's episodes…

Monday Part 1

Billy offers to track down David, who insisted on going for a walk, after a worried Shona speaks to him. Billy sees David sat in his car, and then following a man, and so Billy waits till David stops outside a bar and gets into the passenger seat – but what is David up to? Johnny is devastated that he may never see his granddaughter again, while Sean eagerly takes the chance to stay in a grotty bedsit that one of Dev's friends is renting. Sean gets texts from Violet saying he has made no payments for Dylan, he tells Eileen there is just a mistake with the bank.


Summer gives Max his first maths lesson, while Gemma and Henry practice some landlady and customer role play. Daniel shows Sinead some vintage dresses at the factory, but unfortunately neither of them see a moth fly out of the bag. However, Kirk spots the moth and Daniel makes a swift exit. Peter tells Carla he misses her and that he wants to have dinner sometime.

Monday Part 2

David tells Billy that he has been watching Josh to ensure he doesn't attack anyone else, and that the guy he was following has been spending time with Josh. Billy persuades David to go home, then warns the guy to steer clear of Josh and why. Later, the police call at Billy's to say that Josh has been beaten up by the guy he spoke to. Billy comes clean to David and Shona about what he did.


Daniel tries to deal with the moth problem by stuffing the vintage dresses in a freezer to try and kill off the eggs and confesses to Carla he has brought moths into the factory. Henry and Gemma help themselves to the Rovers' cellar and get drunk while trying out different cocktails, leading a furious Leanne to throw them out. Rita reminds Leanne of her own humble beginnings and suggests she cuts Gemma some slack. Sean wants the grim bedsit, but can't pay the deposit until he gets paid. Dev promises to have a word with his friend and see what he can do. Johnny tells Kate and Michelle that he's not going to stand up in court and make out that Aidan wasn't of sound mind as with Susie gone he no longer cares about the factory.

Wednesday Part 1

Sean tells Carol, a homeless woman, that he was only sleeping rough for charity and gives her his tent. After getting his wages from Toyah he is disappointed when Dev says that he is too late and that the bedsit has gone to someone else. He tries to get his tent back from Carol, and is affronted when she hands him a list of hostels and money. Sean is then robbed by two men.


Alya is furious when the moths do damage in the factory. Blaming Daniel and Sinead for a lost order, Daniel encourages Sinead to quit as they're starting a new business, but a surprised Sinead tells Daniel that's a bad idea as she think she might be pregnant. Jenny urges Johnny not to stop fighting for the factory as Eva may one day allow him to be part of Susie's life. Leanne and Toyah suggest Gemma tries running the pub for a day but she overspends at the cash and carry. David admits to Shona he visited Josh in hospital, while Billy calls the hospital pretending to be a relative.

Wednesday Part 2

Carol takes a battered and bruised Sean to A&E where he is forced to admit he is homeless, upon returning to the rec, Sean finds his things have been stolen and Carol shows him to another homeless encampment in the park. A pregnancy test reveals Sinead is pregnant, and she and Daniel beg for her job back. Johnny vows to do all he can to get Eva to come to the inquest so that he can see Susie one more time. Meanwhile, Carla agrees to put money towards Maria's business plan as Billy prays at Josh's bedside. Gemma promises to pay Leanne back the £300 overspend from the cash and carry.


Friday Part 1

It is the day of Aidan's inquest and the Connors are relieved when Eva arrives at the last minute. Johnny gives his evidence followed by Eva. Sean arrives for work but is embarrassed when Henry remarks on a strange smell. Meanwhile Craig offers to try and find the thugs who attacked him but is bemused when Sean brushes him off. Meanwhile, Gemma impresses Henry with her plans to invent a new cocktail to pay Leanne back.


Friday Part 2

As the inquest ends Eva says an emotional goodbye to Kate, while Toyah begs her to stay. However, Eva says it is the best thing for everyone if she goes, as Johnny apologises for taking Susie. Gemma's half price cocktails are a huge hit and she is a natural with the drunken revellers, leaving Henry impressed. But Chesney is intrigued when he hears Henry take a suspicious phone call, what's he up to?


Sean admits to Carol that he's starving and when Carol offers him a half-eaten pizza, he tucks in ravenously. When Steve discovers Tracy lied about the wedding fair and that she, Abi and Beth are off to a rave in Blackpool, he uses it to his advantage. Steve tells Tracy she can go to Blackpool with his blessing and he'll attend Amy’s concert. Grateful Tracy promises to buy him a season ticket to County by way of thanks. Brian and Joseph spend an enjoyable day building a den in the backyard. Joseph begs Brian to ditch his plan to open a shop and look after him instead. Brian’s torn. Brian persuades Cathy that opening a shop isn't such a good idea as it’s a risky business and they could lose all their savings.

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