Exclusive: Saira Khan reveals how she was previously rejected from Dancing on Ice

The Loose Women panellist spilled the beans while chatting to HELLO!...

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Loose Women star Saira Khan is one of the brave new celebrities taking part in the latest series of Dancing On Ice, and is competing in the popular show with skating partner Mark Hanretty. But the mum-of-two has confessed that there was a lot going on behind-the-scenes before she signed up. Chatting to HELLO!, Saira revealed that she had actually auditioned for the 2018 series of the show, but that she didn’t get through. "I auditioned for it last year. And they said no, not this year. And I thought fine, they're never going to call me back again," she said. However, Saira was then asked to take part in this year's show, with the offer typically coming at a very busy time in her life.

Loose Women star Saira Khan very nearly didn't take part in Dancing on Ice

"I've got my house move, kids going to different schools, Talk Radio, Loose Women, I write a column and they said would you like to do Dancing on Ice," Saira explained. "I was like no thanks, I've got enough on my plate. And they said no, we want you to do Dancing on Ice. And I said I can't do it." It was only when Saira told her children what had happened that she had second thoughts. The star's son Zach, and daughter Amara, told her: "You're name is Saira KHAN not Saira Can't. This is the only show we want you to do." Saira then gave in: "My kids shamed me into doing it, so here I am," she said.

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Saira getting in her skating practice

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The audition process – which all the stars past and present will also have had to have gone through – involves them showing the show's producers their skating abilities. Saira recalled: "So when you come to Dancing on Ice they just say - we know you have never ice skated, we just want to see how you are on the ice." She added: "I just remember thinking the first time, why am I even here? What am I doing? It's ridiculous. They obviously saw something in me and thought I had potential. I think it's to do with my fitness. Like okay we can teach her some of the other stuff, but she's got the basics."

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Saira Khan spoke to HELLO!

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