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First look: Meet the second set of Dancing on Ice contestants!

Did you enjoy Sunday night's episode?

dancing on ice© Photo: ITV
Emmy Griffiths
TV & Film Editor
January 8, 2019
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saira khan© Photo: ITV

How amazing was the first episode of Dancing on Ice on Sunday? The episode saw the first six of the 12 celebrity contestants take to the ice to show off their weeks of training, but are you ready to meet the second set of contestants and their dancing partners? Scroll through to learn more about the second six; Wes Nelson, Brian McFadden, Saira Khan, Richard Blackwood, Melody Thornton and Ryan Sidebottom…

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Saira Khan & Mark Hanretty

Saira is ALL about those amazing spangly outfits and can't wait to get started! Calling the outfits "the biggest draw", she said: "Some of the costumes are absolutely stunning. I just think when are you ever going to go out in a leotard with feathers or sequins? I just think, 'Live the dream, live that glamorous, sequined, feathered dream'. When I see those costumes on the ice and they're floating and all the feathers are ruffling, it just looks beautiful. It'll be nice to experience that." She added: "I can't wait to meet a professional ice-skater and learn all the techniques, so there is a lot more to look forward to than there is to be fearful of."

melody dancing© Photo: ITV

Melody Thornton & Alexander Demetriou

The former Pussycat Dolls band member has opened up about how she's slightly concerned that people might think she has the edge of other contestants thanks to her dance experience. She said: "I definitely think that people will pre-judge and say ‘well, she’s going to be great because all she has to do is learn to skate’ and that’s definitely not true. I have a very hard time with choreography, and dance does not come naturally to me. I have to work extra hard and if it looks good then great but just know I worked hard to make it happen!"

richard blackwood© Photo: ITV

Richard Blackwood & Carlotta Edwards

Richard looks the part with his ice skating partner, Carlotta, but the comedian is worried about taking a tumble! Speaking about the fear of falling, he said: "The elephant in the room is the danger element. I can't speak for anybody else but I'm sure most people who've done the show or are doing show kind of put that to the back of their mind because it's too consuming, to have it at the forefront. You know it's there, I think once you know it's there you don't focus on it because if anything it'll stop you enjoying the show and also delivering. Fear is the biggest obstacle for most people."

ryan sidebottom© Photo: ITV

Ryan Sidebottom & Brandee Malto

It sounds like Ryan might struggle if he gets negative comments from the judges! Speaking about criticism, he said: "It's kind of hard to take sometimes and it feels a bit weird. Being from a sporting background, you are used to fielding and getting abuse. It's going to happen, you take it on the chin and it just makes you more determined to try and do better the following week, and try and prove the judges wrong."

wes nelson© Photo: ITV

Wes Nelson & Vanessa Bauer

Love Island's Wes isn't afraid of being mugged off by the judges as he takes to the ice with his dancing partner, Vanessa! Speaking about receiving criticism, he said: "I'm actually really good with criticism. I actually prefer criticism to praise because of how competitive I am. If someone can give me constructive criticism and say, 'Listen you've done this wrong, do this right', that to me is ten times more valuable then saying, 'You did alright'. If it's constructive then that's going to benefit me, they're not saying it to be nasty, they're saying it to help you so criticism-wise I'm good."

brian mcfadden© Photo: ITV

Brian McFadden & Alex Murphy

Although Brian is used to going out on stage and performing, it sounds like this will be something completely different for him! He said: "Absolutely! When I go out on stage every night I'm doing something that I'm very confident about, I'm confident in my ability, I feel like I am good at what I do. Now I'm going out into a massive crowd, live on television to something that I'm not very good at and I'm hoping to learn so it's quite a tough challenge that, especially if you're used to performing in front of crowds comfortably to have to perform something for a crowd that you're very uncomfortable at, I think that's the biggest challenge of all."

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