The Victim fans in shock after HUGE twist in episode three 

Were you surprised by the huge plot twist?

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Fans of The Victim were shocked by episode three on Wednesday night when it was revealed that Craig Myers, who was accused of being child killer Eddie J Turner with a changed identity, really was an innocent party, and that it was actually his friend Tom who was the real Eddie. Viewers took to Twitter to discuss the shock twist, with one writing: "Looking forward to #thevictim finale tonight. Mostly because I find Anna Dean absolutely insufferable and I won't have to watch her anymore but last night's plot twist was GOOOOD." Another person added: "The best 'whodunnit' stories are usually the ones that continually keep you guessing and second-guessing right up until the very last second. Right now, #TheVictim is living up to that ideal. Brilliant drama so far."


Tom was revealed to be the real Eddie J Turner

However, although it was revealed that Tom is most likely Eddie J Turner after he was spotted visiting his social worker, some viewers still think that Eddie was always innocent of the crime, and was covering for Louise's boyfriend Danny, who fans have suggested could be Tom's younger brother. One person tweeted: "Absolutely hooked on #thevictim on @BBCOne. My theory is that Craig IS Eddie J. Turner but that he DIDN'T kill Liam, but took the rap for his younger brother Danny (the sisters boyfriend) who is the real killer. Tom is prob just a good friend he met inside who knows the truth."

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The preview for Thursday night's episode revealed that Anna will learn the truth about Craig, and realise that she has ruined a man's life, while Craig continues to unravel as he loses his wife, daughter and job during the court case. Find out how the story will conclude for the series finale at 9pm on Thursday.

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