Fans struggled with BBC's The Victim finale after they couldn't understand the last word

Did you enjoy The Victim?

While the finale of BBC's The Victim was hugely praised by viewers and critics alike, some fans took to social media after they were unable to understand the final word of the show, throwing them into confusion about the conclusion of the series. The final few minutes of the four-part court drama focused on Anna finally confronting the killer of her nine-year-old son Liam 15 years earlier - who turned out to the Craig Myers after all.

Craig turned out to be Eddie J Turner after all

During their discussion, Craig admitted that her son wanted to help him while he was having a nervous breakdown and self-harming, and that Craig snapped and stabbed him in the neck. During their conversation, Liam's father Christian joins them with a knife, intent on killing Craig. However Anna steps in to stop him, and tells Christian that Liam just wanted to be "big" – referencing a video of the nine-year-old shown earlier in the episode, where he tells his dad he wants to be big when he grows up. However, some viewers struggled to understand that Anna said 'big', with one writing: "Ok I've watched the end of #thevictim four times and can't figure out what she is saying. He wanted to be… what?!"

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Anna said 'he wanted to be big' in the final moments of the finale

Another person wrote: "Four nights I've watched #TheVictim and the final line is said with such a broad Scottish accent I've no idea what she said. Paused, replayed but still nope! #helpmeoutsomeone." A third fan tweeted: "What was the last thing she said? I missed it. #TheVictim help me out please." However, plenty of people were quick to fill them in, with one writing: "He wanted to be big. Implying that's the reason he didn't leave to get her to help Eddie." Another person added: "Liam wanted to be big. And he certainly was."

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