6 questions we have for the finale of BBC's The Victim 

Who is the real Eddie J Turner?

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Viewers have been hooked to BBC's The Victim since it first aired on Monday. The four-part show, which will conclude on BBC One on Thursday, has introduced plenty of mysteries for fans to discuss - but fingers crossed that all will be revealed! Here are six burning questions for the drama's finale...

Did Anna really arrange Craig Myers' attack?

Although Anna denied knowing who attacked Craig Myers, we all know that she was glad that it happened, as she was determined that Craig was actually Eddie J Turner, who killed her nine-year-old son when he was 14, and as such was given a change of identity. While Anna admitted to posting Craig's photo online, she has always denied that she actually arranged the hit on him. But is she telling the truth?

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What did Anna's creepy patient Will do?

One of the big online theories is that Anna convinced her unstable yet loyal patient, Will, to carry out the attack. Certainly that is what DI Grover thinks, who interrogated him in episode three. It's clear that Will is hiding something, so what is the truth? Did Anna really ask him to attack Craig, or did he do it on his own volition? Or is he entirely innocent?


What is the deal with Danny?

Plenty of fans thought that there was something seriously dodgy about Anna's daughter's boyfriend, Danny, and it turns out they weren't wrong! Episode three revealed that Danny was the one who found Liam's body as a child, but waited hours until calling the police. As such, he clearly somehow embroiled himself into Anna's family on purpose, and has a very odd friendship with Anna's second son. So what is the truth? Was Danny actually behind Liam's death all along?

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Is Tom REALLY Eddie J Turner?

The final moments of episode three revealed that it was actually Craig's friend Tom who met up with Eddie J Turner's social worker, seemingly confirming that he is actually the child killer who has changed his identity. But is it really the case? If so, why did he stay quiet when his best friend was attacked? Some fans have speculated that Craig was actually Tom's cellmate in Juvenile prison, and is one of the people who knows his true identity, which would explain why he was so reluctant to try to track down the real Eddie when his wife Rebecca asked him to.


Will Anna be found guilty?

Things weren't looking good for Anna after her angry testimony in court, with her hatred towards Craig clearly going against what her lawyer advised - to get the court to sympathise with her, and to convince the jury to be on her side. It was her idea to plead not guilty and bring the court to trial so that they could face 'Eddie' - but will it result in her landing in prison? We can't wait for Thursday at 9pm to find out!


Did Eddie J Turner actually kill Liam?

Another theory is that even if Craig or Tom really are the real Eddie J Turner, that they were actually innocent of the crime - and so the hatred towards them was entirely unfounded. Some people have speculated that Danny (see question three) was actually the real person behind Liam's murder, and that Tom is his older brother who covered for him and ended up in prison instead.

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