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Coleen Nolan to take break from Loose Women – find out why

Fans need not panic

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Coleen Nolan has revealed she is taking a break from Loose Women, but fans need not panic too much. The TV star will only be absent from the panel for one week in late September when she takes part in the world premiere of The Thunder Girls. "It's only on for the week... I'm only on Loose Women a couple of days so I'm sure they can cover me," she told Digital Spy. "Probably glad of a break from me!"

Coleen, 54, announced her news on Lorraine last month, surprising fans as well as her fellow co-stars. "When I came in the next day, they went, 'Bloody hell you never told us that!'" she said. "It was great. They're all trying to plan a day when they can come and see it. They're all really supportive."


Coleen will be starring in The Thunder Girls

It isn't the first time Coleen has taken a hiatus from the show. The singer had a few months out of the spotlight last year following an explosive on-air argument with Kim Woodburn. Coleen opened up about dealing with her divorce and internet trolls during her much-needed downtime, telling HELLO!: "I just needed to go away and focus on myself. I was going through a lot – my divorce was still going through, so it was good to take some time out and deal with that. It was going on for so long because I was never there, to sign papers or have meetings."

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The mum-of-three continued: "So, I could focus on that, focus on my family, my kids and surround myself with people who love me for me and not for something that they think I am. They love me for whatever weight I am or for whatever I look like. And I just needed a reality check and to go, 'This is all that matters, and what I do now is a job that I love, but it's not the be all and end all.'"

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Coleen also explained how she dealt with social media trolls after the incident with her former Celebrity Big Brother co-star Kim, saying: "I came off social media to a certain extent, I'm still on Instagram but I've got it set to no comments unless I follow you and my management run my Twitter."

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She added: "The best thing I ever did was come off it. I thought, 'I don't need to read this.' For me, it's a form of bullying and they can reach you. The tweet that will always stay with me was, 'I hope you die of cancer like your sister,' and that came the day she died – that was just vile, so why am I letting that person anywhere near me? I don't want them in my life. So I chose to ignore it really."

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