Derry Girls stars hint at romance between James and Erin

The Derry Girls cast looked amazing at the BAFTAs on Sunday night!

Derry Girls stars Saorise Monica-Jack, Louisa Harland, Nicola Coughlan and Dylan Llewellyn were out in force at the BAFTA TV Awards last night, and the group chatted to HELLO! about the hit show's upcoming season three. While joking that the only thing they know about the show is that they're "all in it", Saorise and Dylan also opened up about their potential romance after it was hinted in season two.

The Derry Girls cast at the BAFTAs

Saorise explained: "I think there's definitely something to be said that at 16 you can be friends with a boy but that's definitely down to Lisa [McGee] so we'll have to see how it goes." Teasing the pair, Nicola said: "Ooooh," before chanting "Jerin! Jerin!" Lisa previously opened up about a potential romance between the two, telling Radio Times: "I think there might be. I've always thought James likes her, but I think he maybe doesn’t even understand that yet, and I don't know when that'll, it might happen when they're much older, so it might not actually happen in our show. But I think the potential is there, it's something I'm interested in seeing – I might toy with it if we do another season."

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HELLO! goes to the BAFTAs

She added: "I think Erin doesn't realise that she might like him until someone else wants him, that sort of thing. So, yeah, it might be interesting to explore that a bit more, because they're great together." Fans of the show were disappointed when Derry Girls missed out on the 'Scripted Comedy' award to Sally4Ever. Taking to Twitter, one person wrote: "Hello, police? I'd like to report an extreme act of theft. Derry Girls has just been robbed." Another person added: "Yeah, well #DerryGirls are ALWAYS my winners!"

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