Which boy will leave the Love Island villa first? Our predictions

Check out our very scientific predictions on who will be the first boy out of the Love Island villa

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Love Island has already been on our screens for almost a week, and although it hasn't been long we the viewing audience - and indeed the Love Island girls - already have our favourite boys. While some of them are a shoe-in to stay in the villa following Friday's recouping (we're looking at you, Curtis my sweet), others are in much more precarious positions. So which boys will live to sunbathe in the villa another day, and who will be headed on a flight straight home? We consider the options...


Curtis has played the game perfectly, and has won the hearts of the nation (and the heart of Amy), with his wide smile, fun chat and "sunny" personality. He and Amy are probably the strongest couple so far; being all cute and snuggly with no interference (or 'grafting') from the other islanders to worry about. To conclude, Amy will almost certainly choose to recouple with Curtis.

Chances of staying: 10/10



Michael hasn't done a lot in the villa as of yet, but gets along very well with his fellow islanders, hasn't ruffled too many feathers and gets along very nicely with his partner of convenience, Yewande. Since neither of the pair have found any romance with the rest of the contestants yet, we reckon Yewande will stay loyal (babes) to her couple.

Chances of staying: 8/10


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While Tommy had a very positive reaction from the nation following his entrance into the villa, he is but one of two men fighting to win fair Lucie's heart. And while it seems that Lucie is slowly gravitating towards him, will his new date with Molly cast doubt on their burgeoning relationship? That being said, if Lucie ends up recouping with Joe, we're fairly certain Molly will pick Tommy (and we haven't even met her yet, such is Tommy's charm).

Chances of staying: 9/10



What Anton has done here is try to play a game, greatly overestimated his charm, and been left stranded without either Amy (who was pretty keen on him before his eye began to wander), and Lucie (who basically politely told him it was never going to happen). While you'd think Anton would be the obvious choice to be getting out of there, this contestant is going down fighting, and you have to respect that. His new strategy is to win over Anna while making best pals with Amber and Yewande, and so far it seems to be working a treat. Should Anna choose Sherif to recouple, would Amber or Yewande end up in a friendship pairing with Anton? We don't think we should be ruling him out of the race entirely just yet.

Chances of staying: 4/10


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Oh poor sweet Callum. While extremely handsome, his partner Amber finds him extremely uninteresting and extremely old. He also has had basically zero screen time, and clearly hasn't tried to hit it off with any of the other girls after Amber's pointed rejection. It seems that Callum might be the Dr Alex of this year, but without a BFF friendship like Alex had with Samira to help him out. Basically, if Amber chooses to recouple with another boy like Anton or Sherif, no other girl is going to help poor Callum out.

Chances of staying: 2/10



If Sherif tried just a tiny bit harder, chances are Anna would definitely pick him. The pair seem to get along quite well, and she's made it clear that she'd be up for exploring a romance. Thing is, he seems to be telling everyone except her that he's up for it too. If he doesn't get a move on, and quickly, he might be losing his girl - and his place in the villa - to Anton.

Chances of staying: 3/10



Joe is going to have to do some quick-thinking, and it basically all depends on how Tommy's date with Molly goes. If Tommy moves on from Lucie, chances are Joe will be back in there and all will be forgiven. After all, trust can be rebuilt, even if he said that after he only knew Lucie for TWO DAYS. Should Joe stay in the Love Island villa, it'd be a good chance for him to redeem himself after unfairly getting irritating at Lucie then using Amber in a flirty revenge move. But will he get the chance? If Tommy chooses to stick with Lucie, Joe's only real shot would be to go for Molly - but what if Callum, Sherif and Anton all have the same idea. What a pickle.

Chances of staying: 4/10



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