Love Island's Sherif has a catchphrase and it is our new favourite thing – see the best Twitter reactions

You know what, it is what it is

Emmy Griffiths

The new series of Love Island finally began on Monday after months of waiting – and fans are already delighted that a new catchphrase has been coined in the very first episode. Love Island is known for bringing random sayings into public consciousness, including 'pied off', 'Do Bits Society' and 'my type on paper'. Now, thanks to Sherif, we have a whole new catchphrase that we suspect will be on a T-shirt at any now – and it all began with a little bit of rejection.


Sherif paired with Anna

In the savage opening of the show, the Love Island girls are asked to step forward if they find a boy attractive, and unfortunately poor old Sherif didn't catch any of the girls' attentions. Shrugging, he said: "It is what it is," before choosing Amber. Once again, Sherif had to use his new catchphrase when Amber stepped forward for Callum, rejecting him. Michael had a similar response when Lucie opted for Joe instead of her original choice, marking the catchphrase officially coined!

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How are you finding the new series?

Twitter was also delighted by the new catchphrase, with one person joking: "Primark execs rushing to get 'it is what it is' printed onto t shirts and water bottles #LoveIsland." Another person added: "2017: My type on paper 2018: I'm loyal babes 2019: It is what it is." However, fans were less keen on Lucie's new phrase, 'bev', meaning 'sexy'. One person wrote: "Please lord do not make 'a bev' catch on as a term for a guy, it's a drink lmao." Another person wrote: "Stop trying to make bev happen. It's not going to happen."

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Sherif also amused fans when he pointed out to his new match, Anna, that he actually follows her on Instagram in real life. One person tweeted: "Anna deffo has unread DMs from Sherif." Another added: "Sherif's brain: Don't say it, don't say it, don't say it. Also Sherif: 'I think I've got you on Insta.'"

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