Will the Love Island girls turn on Molly-Mae?

Uh oh!

Emmy Griffiths

Love Island is starting up heat up as the islanders start to fall in love and, in the girls' case, make war. In Monday night's episode, it looks like the group of girls will start to turn on Molly-Mae, who appears to set her sights on new boy Danny despite already being torn between Anton and Tommy. In the episode, Molly-Mae is blown over when she meets Danny for the first time, who had already taken Amber and Yewande out on a date.


Molly-Mae has her sights set on Danny 

While Amber and Yewande come back happy with their date, Molly-Mae admits that she "really likes" the new boy. She said: "Yeah, I really like him. I actually really like him… All three are completely and utterly different. Danny, that's like baby daddy material. Anton is, 'I want to go to the theme park with you material,' and Tommy is, 'I want to [expletive] you material'." While Molly-Mae explored her decisions, the girls made it clear that they weren't happy with her antics, with Amy saying: "She said, 'He sounds like my type' and I was like, 'Sorry, you've already got two. You've been out on a date with another one that's three out of the seven boys, like, no!" Yewande also complained about Molly-Mae's interest in Danny.

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However, the final moment of the clip reveals Molly-Mae flirting with Danny, and complaining about her relationship with Tommy, explaining: "I feel like he's in Tommy land and I'm trying to get into Tommy land. Maybe I should spend a day in Danny land, see if I like it there!" Fans were quick to comment on the situation, with one writing: "I need Yewande to find her voice and sauce and go for Danny, Molly Mae aint got nothing on her," while another added: "Okay so ideal situation. Danny and Yewande hit it off, makes Michael realise how amazing Yewande is and fights for her. Yewande picks Michael and they live happily ever after."

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