Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes reveal what they bicker about at home – and we can all relate!

Pass the snacks…

Fiona Ward

Ruth Langsford and husband Eamonn Holmes gave a sweet insight into their home life on Friday evening, when they appeared on Channel 4's Celebrity Gogglebox. The pair seemed to have plenty of fun analysing the week's telly, and even showed off a more relatable side – as they bickered about sharing the crisps out fairly! Eamonn can be heard insisting, "I don't like them," as he cradles the bowl of snacks, before Ruth replies: "Well give them back to me, they're mine!"


Eamonn and Ruth take TV snacks seriously!

Eamonn then changes tack - "I'm enjoying them!" - as Ruth says, "Well you're enjoying them too much… just share them, put them in the middle and share them then! Did you not have to share when you were a child?" The clip was posted on Twitter, to fans' amusement, with one commenting: "Haaahaaa this could be me!"

Ruth Langsford makes exciting TV announcement with Eamonn Holmes

The This Morning couple joined the likes of Rylan Clark-Neal, Little Mix and Denise Van Outen on the show, where they watched everything from Countdown to Killing Eve.

Ruth also told Eamonn off for talking while they were watching, which is a pet peeve she has previously revealed – even admitting they actually have separate TVs. Speaking to Radio Times in January she said: "I don't like watching TV with Eamonn because he talks. He wants to discuss everything and will keep pausing the programme."

This Morning viewers left baffled as Ruth Langsford presents solo without Eamonn Holmes

The couple opened up about their happy relationship further on Friday's episode of This Morning, with Eamonn revealing: "The secret is compromise, the secret is consideration and lots of conjugals." Giving her own advice, Ruth added: "I would say laughter is what keeps us together. Eamonn's very good actually. We have a very equal relationship, it's very equal in our marriage. People will say, 'who wears the trousers,' well nobody. You find your way, he's not the boss and I'm not the boss – in modern relationships that's probably how it should be."

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