Amanda Holden's surprising confession - her mum and dad are extras in THIS TV show

We hope we can spot them in the background!

Amanda Holden has revealed that her parents are often extras in films and TV shows, and have previously appeared on Poldark! Chatting on Heart Breakfast with her co-host, Jamie Theakston, Amanda revealed that her mum had texted in to let her know they were listening as they drove to the set of Doc Martin. She said: "I've had a text from Judith... Judith's my mum. 'Amanda, we're listening, we're on our way to Port Isaac.' My mum and dad are extras in various films and TV shows that are filmed in Cornwall so they are in Poldark!"

Amanda with her dad, who is an extra in Poldark

Jamie was delighted with the revelation, saying: "You're kidding!" Amanda continued: "Not I am not. I wish I was. They love Doc Martin. They love everyone down there, they go up to everyone, they tell them they're my mum and dad and they get selfies with absolutely anyone who is off the telly. They think they have a right because they're like, 'We're Amanda Holden's mum and dad, can we have a selfie?' And I'm like, 'Oh God.'"

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Poldark's final season is almost here

She then revealed an hilarious incident on the set of Doc Martin where her dad accidentally put his foot in it, explaining: "That's what they do, they have so much fun... and Port Isaac is obviously gorgeous but my mum said yesterday that they were discussing with the people in charge what kind of costumes they would have to wear because next week, and I don't want to spoil it for anyone, but there's going to be a wedding in Doc Martin... and apparently my dad piped up, 'Ladies don't need hats, they just need fornicators!' Honestly Jamie! Thank God I wasn't there." Since Poldark will be back on our screens on 14 July, we hope we can spot the pair in the background!

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