Love Island's Michael REACTS to Amber and Greg's win on show 

Michael was previously coupled with Amber before dumping her

Emmy Griffiths

Michael Griffiths has opened up about his reaction to Amber and Greg winning Love Island, and admitted that he thought that Amber might have stolen the £50k if she had the chance! The former contestant, who was a favourite to win the series in the first few weeks while he was coupled up with Amber, before he recoupled with Joanna during Casa Amor, admitted that his former flame had been through a "mad journey", but that he was "so happy for her".


Michael attempted to get back with Amber after Joanna left the villa

Chatting to Capital's Aimee Vivian at Love Island: The Experience on Monday night, he said: "I’m so gassed for her, like, she’s been through a mad journey and she needs that." Speaking about his suspicions that Amber would have taken the whole pot of prize money, he said: "Do you know what... Amber was always going to split it anyway. I low key thought if she gets it she might steal it but nah, nah, nah she was always gonna split it anyway." The event was also attended by Josh Denzel, who joked that Amber should "slide" Michael some money. Michael replied: "Nah, nah, nah. Amber knows we’re friends, I’m so happy for her." He also showed his support for Amber on his Instagram stories, which showed him cheering as she and Greg were announced the winners and shouting: "I did not expect that!"

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Michael was dumped from the villa with Francesca

Fans of Amber took to Twitter to discuss how they thought Michael might have reacted to Amber winning the show, with one person joking: "Michael was always banging on to Joanna about not letting Amber 'win' and now she's WON." Another person added: "Michael in bed tonight after seeing Amber win #loveisland knowing it could've been him if he hadn't been such a chaldish [expletive]." Hear Aimee Vivian on Capital, week days from 1pm – 4pm and Saturdays from 12pm – 4pm.

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