Coronation Street spoilers: Geoff's caught in a web of lies

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Geoff gets caught in a web of his own lies, Eileen bids an emotional farewell to Seb, and Seb worries about Mary's living conditions. Find out everything else that happens in next week's Corrie here!

Monday 2 September part one

As Fiz and Tyrone row, Hope slips out unnoticed. Horrified Fiz calls the police while Tyrone rounds up a search party. Inside the factory Hope hides behind some cardboard boxes. As Ali and Maria set off for a charity ball, they hear Hope’s cries for help coming from the factory and are horrified to see her surrounded by burning boxes. Ali forces his way in through the smoke intent on rescuing her.


When Yasmeen presses Geoff for his medical results he infers that he hasn’t long to live. Yasmeen’s devastated and despite Geoff saying no one else must know she confides in Sally that Geoff has terminal cancer. Sally and Tim tell Geoff they want to help.

When Eileen tells Seb that she intends to run away with Jan he does his best to change her mind but Eileen admits they’ve accepted a witness protection scheme. Seb worries when he sees a strange van parked nearby with Polish voices coming from inside. Elsewhere, it's Craig's 21st birthday. Steve offers to help Emma pack up her Dad’s things, she’s touched.


Monday 2 September part two

As Ali emerges from the smoke filled loading bay carrying Hope, Fiz and Tyrone are overcome with relief. Promising Maria he’ll meet her in the Rovers, Ali heads home to take some diazepam. The police interview Hope over the fire. When she makes out she saw two lads running away Tyrone realises she’s lying. As Evelyn, Fiz and Tyrone discuss the Hope situation it becomes clear their troubles are far from over.


Geoff tells Tim and Sally that Yasmeen got the wrong end of the stick. Handing her some printouts he says he has SVT, a non life threatening condition. Yasmeen feels awful, while Alya reckons Geoff lifted his printouts from the internet. Listening in Geoff then staggers into the back garden and fakes a funny turn. Rushing round to No.4. Yasmeen apologises and begs Geoff to move back in with her. Geoff accepts, glad to be back in control.

As Seb approaches the van he’s taken aback to see Mary emerge who’s been watching a Polish movie in her new home. Seb’s worried about Mary’s living conditions and knowing that Eileen’s moving away, he offers Mary a room at No.11. Elsewhere, as Steve watches James flirting with Emma over the bar, he admits to Dev that he can’t help feeling protective towards her.

Wednesday 4 September part one

Making out she’s off on a two week holiday, Eileen bids Steve and Tim an emotional goodbye. But when Sean questions her sudden decision she realises that Eileen is planning to run away with Jan. Horrified Sean visits Jan in hospital and tells him that if he really loves Eileen and cares for her safety, he’ll let her go.


When Emma reveals that her Dad wanted his ashes scattered at County’s ground, Steve enlists the help of James and Michael. Arriving at the ground they’re approached by a security guard demanding to know what they’re up to, will Steve’s plan be thwarted?


When a tearful Hope denies having anything to do with the fire Fiz believes her. Having looked at another school Fiz decides the best thing for Hope is to home school her whilst they wait for a place at Bessie Street. Elsewhere, Geoff’s happy to be back together with Yasmeen and suggests a night in to celebrate. Daniel’s flattered when Bethany asks him to read over her grooming article. Meanwhile Daniel reminds Sinead they’re getting married next week, when she admits she hasn’t even sorted out the witnesses Daniel worries that her heart isn’t in it.


Wednesday 4 September part two

Eileen bids an emotional farewell to Seb and heads off to the hospital to start her new life with Jan. Meanwhile, Steve pleads Emma’s case and to their delight, the security guard relents and allows them onto the pitch. As they raise a toast to Emma’s Dad, Emma’s touched to discover it was Steve’s idea to go to County’s ground.


Tyrone worries that Hope will see being home schooled as an easy ride. Meanwhile checking she’s alone, Fiz makes a surreptitious phone call. Elsewhere, having read Bethany’s article, Daniel’s most impressed and showers her with praise. Bethany’s thrilled.

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Friday 6 September part one

When Daniel and Sinead row about their wedding plans, with Sinead wanting a more low key affair, he accuses her of putting her beard oil business before the wedding. Suggesting they call the whole thing off, an upset Daniel slams out as Sinead agrees. Bethany’s disappointed when the Gazette fail to print her article as is didn’t make the grade. Incensed Daniel tears a strip of the editor. Bethany’s mortified but Daniel assures her he wasn’t trying to undermine her and only wants to help. Bethany gazes at him and it seems they might kiss!


Keen to get to know her new sister, Amy suggests they invite Emma round for tea. As Steve and Tracy fuss round her Emma just wishes they’d relax. Elsewhere, at Geoff’s insistence, Yasmeen has a clear out at No.6 and asks Alya to pick up the last of her stuff as Geoff will be using her room for his magic. Ray calls Michelle to a business meeting, proposing he franchises out his hotel restaurants to the bistro and she oversees it. Michelle’s flattered.


Friday 6 September part two

Daniel tells Bethany about his row with Sinead. Her heart thumping, Bethany gets back to work. Sinead calls in the bistro and admits to Daniel that she’s scared to get married again as last time she found out she’d got cancer. Daniel suggests they cancel the wedding. As Sinead leaves she clocks a look between Daniel and Bethany which throws her. Having quizzed Daniel about Bethany, she then asks Bethany about the look. When both admit feeling awkward having discussed their row Sinead’s satisfied that nothing is going on between them but has she got it wrong? Sinead confides in Bethany that unbeknown to Daniel, she didn’t cancel the wedding and is planning to surprise him tomorrow.

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Emma’s uncomfortable as Steve and Tracy go overboard trying to please her and makes an excuse to leave. Emma later returns and she and Steve have a heart to heart. Emma tells Steve he’ll never replace her Dad but she’d like to be mates. Steve’s touched. Meanwhile, Mary hands her key back to Eileen and apologises for getting on her nerves. Having a change of heart, Eileen assures a thrilled Mary she’s welcome for as long as she likes. Elsewhere, Michelle meets up with Ray and having failed to get hold of Robert, tells him that she’d like to go ahead with his franchise plan.