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Coronation Street spoilers: Jan comes clean to Eileen

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Emmy Griffiths
TV & Film Editor
31 July 2019
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In next week's Coronation Street, Jan drives an unconscious Seb to hospital and leaves him in A&E, Sarah doesn't think they have enough money to rebuild the factory and a furious Steve tells Tyrone that Evelyn is running an illegal gambling den from the corner shop. Find out what else is happening in Weatherfield here…

corrie sarah

Monday 5 August part one

Seb asks Faye to go the salon and give a note to Alina. When another girl does her nails Faye asks her to pass Alina the note. Seb is delighted when he gets a text from Alina asking him to meet her at the salon after work but as he arrives he is confronted by Nikolai. Meanwhile, Robert arrives at Vicky's to find Jed there and Vicky packing her bags; as the two men square up. Vicky tells them to leave her alone whilst she makes her decision.

corrie alina seb

Imran uses insider information to offer Claudia £10k under the asking price for her flat - he knows the bail hostel plans have been dropped but she doesn't. Elsewhere, taking out a wad of Rick's money, Gary stashes it in a desk drawer, before heading off on some dodgy business leaving Ryan to mind the furniture shop. In the corner shop, Mary's shocked to discover Evelyn is marking the prices down on goods she wants to purchase herself. When Mary threatens to report her to Dev, Evelyn bars her from the shop.

Monday 5 August part two

Jan drives an unconscious Seb to hospital leaving him in A&E. Abi gets a call to say Seb is in the hospital, Eileen rings Jan who says he is working in Birmingham. The two women rush to the hospital to see Seb. Meanwhile, Gary's impressed when Ryan reveals that while he was out, he sold two pieces of furniture for £200. A clearly agitated Gary tells Ryan that there was £650 hidden in the desk that he sold. Ryan's apologetic and reveals that Mary bought the desk for the flower shop.

Mary tells Tim how she caught Evelyn altering the prices in the shop. When Tim suggests she could do with more evidence, Mary asks him to do some snooping on her behalf. When Tim confirms he couldn't find any evidence of Evelyn's dodgy pricing scam, Mary's disappointed. Having found out from James that County's game tomorrow promises to be a disaster as the goalkeeper's gone down with a stomach bug, Evelyn uses the information to her advantage and has a £20 wager with Tim that County's keeper won't even make the team. Elsewhere, when Imran reveals that the bail hostel plans have fallen through but Claudia's blissfully unaware, Toyah's deeply uneasy to realise he intends to rip off a neighbour.

corrie evelyn

Wednesday 7 August part one

Eileen quizzes Jan but he insists he was working in Birmingham but something is niggling her and she heads to the salon where she finds Jan, Nikolai and Rachel hastily putting all the fixtures and fittings into a van.

Gary calls in the flower shop and rifles through the desk drawers in search of his money. Mary assures him that the drawers were empty when she took ownership. Ryan tells Alya he's sold some vinyl so he can now afford to join her in Copenhagen. Alya's thrilled. Gary tackles Ryan over the missing money. Ryan swears blind he knows nothing about it but when Alya lets slip that Ryan has come into some money, Gary quietly fumes.

corrie alya

Toyah frets about the flat purchase, unhappy at the thought of ripping off Claudia. Unable to live with the guilt, Toyah steals herself to tell Claudia the truth. Elsewhere, Carla refuses to go out for lunch with Peter and instead heads over to Sally's hot tub. Emma agrees to babysit Joseph for Gemma instead of going to the hospital to visit her dad.

Wednesday 7 August part two

Eileen is gutted when Jan tells her that he's a liar and a cheat and that he never cared for her. A fight ensues between Jan and Nikolai who smashes Eileen's phone so she can't call the police. As Eileen starts to fear for her life the police smash their way into the salon and arrest them all and cart them off to the police station. Having been interviewed by the police, Eileen's released without charge. Abi explains how Seb called the police which led to the raid on the nail bar. A downbeat Eileen tells Abi that Jan was part of the trafficking ring.

corrie eileen 1

Gary confronts Ryan over his apparent windfall. When Gary threatens to call the police, Ryan admits he took the money from the desk drawer but swears he had no idea it was Gary's. Gary tells him he can pay it back plus interest.

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When Claudia announces that her plans have changed and she's moving into her flat after all, Ken masks his disappointment, aware that he'll miss her. Rita urges Ken and Claudia to talk honestly with each other as it's clear to her that they're going to miss one another. Elsewhere Carla steps into the breach when Roy slips in the cafe, injuring his back. Fed up Emma reluctantly agrees to mind Liam as well as Joseph.

corrie carla

Friday 9 August part one

Sarah tells the workers that the insurance company will only pay out £20k which will not be enough to rebuild the factory. But Gary has an idea and introduces a business associate Derek Milligan to Nick as a new investor for the factory. Meanwhile, Emma returns from finally visiting her Dad in hospital and in a state of shock, tells Maria that he's been diagnosed with stomach cancer.

corrie derek

Having been discharged from hospital, Seb returns to No.11. He and Eileen sympathise with each other over the harrowing events at the nail bar. Accompanied by a support worker from the Salvation Army, Alina approaches No.11. Elsewhere, Maria's on a high after her date with Ali. Audrey's delighted to see her so happy. Meanwhile, Jo Lafoe, a business associate of Carla's is taken aback to find Carla working behind the cafe counter. Evelyn's intrigued to find out from James that Tommy Orpington is injured and won't be playing in tonight's game and uses it to her advantage.

corrie maria

Friday 9 August part two

Gary explains to Nick that Derek would buy the land, rebuild the factory and rent it out to Underworld on the proviso that he's put in charge of the building work. When Izzy finds out that Sarah has refused to accept the offer as Derek is an associate of Gary's she tells the factory staff who are furious she is putting her feelings above their jobs. Sarah is overruled. Meanwhile, Maria does her best to comfort Emma who's clearly very worried about her Dad. Clearly upset, Emma tells Maria that her Mum, who lives in Australia, refuses to come over and visit her Dad despite his illness.

corrie ken

Alina tells Seb how the police raided the house where she and the other girls were staying, but her support worker is sorting her out with a safe house. Seb begs Alina to keep in touch but she refuses to make any promises. Elsewhere, a furious Steve tells Tyrone that Evelyn is running an illegal gambling den from the corner shop using inside information gleaned from James. Jo Lafoe tells Carla about her new online business and offers her a job. Carla's flattered.

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