Paul Chuckle slams BBC's tribute to brother Barry 

Paul opened up about the situation

Paul Elliot, who is best known as one of the Chuckle Brothers, has revealed his disappointed that the BBC chose to make the final series of the popular show Chucklevision only available on iPlayer following the death of his brother Barry in 2018. Speaking about the situation, he told Radio Times that he would have preferred the network to air the comedy on television instead.

Barry passed away in 2018

He explained: "That... was a slap in the face. They could have at least put it on the BBC – not iPlayer. They asked permission and I said, 'Why not on main TV?'" He also spoke about his disappointment that the CBBC's Twitter account had placed the show as 'mid-tier' in a recent post. He added: "It was absolutely ridiculous what they put. People were saying how stupid this is. It doesn’t really mean anything it’s just another slap in the face from CBBC."

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Paul revealed that ending the show wasn't a mutual decision, and that he and his brother weren't even told when the series was cancelled in 2009. "When they dropped [the show] they didn’t tell us," he explained. "We eventually rang them and said ‘we’ve not done a script meeting’ and they said ‘we’ve decided we’re not going to do one’ and that was it. They just dropped it. The excuse was that the repeats were getting as many views as the new ones, and then a year later they dropped that. It was a total lack of respect."

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Barry Elliot sadly passed away from bone cancer in August 2019, and was laid to rest in a service at New York Stadium in Rotherham. At the time, Paul tweeted: "I'd like to say a big thank you to everyone for all your messages, they've been hard to read but I read every one. It's the worst feeling ever but I have to carry on as I know Barry would want me to having always been so supportive of each other in both work and our personal lives."