Harry Redknapp rushed to hospital after accident on BT Sport set

Harry Redknapp had an accident while presenting on BT Sport

Harry Redknapp was rushed to hospital after an accident at BT Sport, when a piece of plastic from his earpiece became lodged in his ear. The I'm a Celebrity winner had to go to A&E to have the plastic removed after the crew of the show reportedly attempted to pull the piece out with a pair of pliers. Speaking to The Sun about the incident, Harry explained: "I came in and they put an earpiece in me, and I took it out, but a piece of it broke off and got stuck in my ear. So I ended up in the local hospital trying to get it out because the more the guys were trying to get it out, the deeper they were pushing it in. Anyway, it's out now." We're glad he's okay!

Harry had to go to A&E

Harry has had his fair share of hospital visits over the last couple of years, as following his stint in the I'm a Celebrity jungle he revealed that his wife Sandra was rushed to A&E after suffering from sepsis. Speaking about the situation on This Morning, he previously explained: "Sandra had been a lot better [recently] because she'd been really bad. It was a really scary illness. Sandra had suddenly been taken ill, luckily she got an ambulance otherwise sitting there in A&E could have gotten really dangerous."

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He also revealed that he once accidentally hit his wife with his car when he thought she'd already crossed the road, and explained: "I saw Sandra come out the car, went to the back and I saw her go. I looked in my wing mirror, I kept saying to her, 'Don't get out the car because there's cars coming'. She went across so there were cars coming so she backed up, she stood against my back wheel. I thought I'm taking up two parking spaces here I better move forward a bit. I didn't go over her foot, half of Sandra's ankle was sliced like bacon."

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