Will there be a Dublin Murders season 2?

Would you like a second season of Dublin Murders?

Fans were impressed and frustrated in equal measure at the Dublin Murders finale on Tuesday night, which saw the full story behind Katy's murder revealed, but with other questions still very much unanswered. As such, viewers have been calling for a second season that will answer some of their most burning questions, including what really happened to Jamie and Peter, why Rob keeps dreaming about a wolf, and the true identity of 'Lexie'. But is there a series two in the works?

Will Rob and Cassie be back?

Despite the success of the first season, it has yet to be revealed whether the show will be back for a second season. However, the show's screenwriter, Sarah Phelps, has confirmed that she would love to write more about it. She said: "Please God yeah! And season three, I’d like cover the whole thing, cover the whole period of that time for Ireland. I hope we get to do more because I know what happens in the final scene." There is also plenty of original material, as the first season was an accumulation of the first two novels in the book series The Dublin Murder Squad.

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Will you watch series two?

As such, season three would likely be focused on the next two books in the series, Faithful Place and Broken Harbour. HELLO! has reached out to BBC for comment. Fans had a lot of say about Tuesday night's season finale, with one writing; "Thoroughly enjoyed watching #DublinMurders. Great to have though provoking drama. More please," while another added: "Really loved #DublinMurders - hope there’s a season 2 to answer some unanswered questions! One of the best shows I’ve seen in so long!" A third person tweeted: "Loved #DublinMurders, beautiful and haunting. Hope we get a season 2. Strange that some people on Twitter were confused by the story. I prefer a drama where you aren’t spoon fed the info and you have to use the old brain."

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