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Love Island twins: 6 facts about Eve and Jess and how to tell them apart

There is a quick and easy way to tell the difference between the twins

love island twins

Eve and Jess certainly caused some waves in the Love Island villa after they arrived at the end of the group's first day in the villa. The identical twins looked uncannily alike with matching outfits, and revealed that they tend to dress similarly. So they have matching hair, matching faces and matching outfits – so how on earth can you tell them apart? This is how Eve and Jess are different, in both physical appearance and in personality…

How to tell Eve and Jess apart

Although the pair are completely identical in almost every way, there is a sure fire way of checking who is who. While Eve has blue eyes, Jess actually has one blue eye, and one green eye. She has said that her heterochromia is "quite subtle", and that people only tend to notice after they have been told.

love island twins 5

They have very different personalities

While they look like two peas in a pod, the girls described themselves very different in their VT at the beginning on their Love Island journey. Jess said: "I’d be a good Islander because I'm fun, confident and spontaneous," while Eve said that she was more "chilled out and easy going." Like her sister, she also described herself as "confident".

love island twins 1

Famous exes

Eve revealed that she used to message with Kylie Jenner's ex, Tyga. She said: "Tyga, Kylie Jenner’s ex, messaged me. We were both at an event and I posted an Instagram story tagging him. He then messaged me afterwards and we spoke on WhatsApp. Then when me and Jess were in Ibiza, he was there again. He asked me to meet him but we arrived the day he left."

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What is their type?

Although the pair argued over scaffolder Callum, they have claimed to have different things that they are looking for in a partner. Jess said that she was looking for someone "who is confident, not cocky. Self-assured, kind and respectful and on the same intelligence level as me", while Eve added: "I want someone who is fun and confident, not shy. Quite 'alpha male'. And I'd like a guy who is switched on."

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They've previously opened up about their dating lives, with Eve explaining: "Boys often say, ‘Right, I fancy you both – which one of you wants me?’ Some boys will be messaging me and Jessica at the same time, I don’t think they think we talk." Jess added: "For every single girl, whether you know them or not, be kind, considerate and understanding. For your closest friends it’s stepped up. And with Eve it’s stepped up even more by 1000%. If there’s a guy that’s upset Eve, he is cancelled in my books."

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Their jobs

Unfortunately you wouldn't be able to tell the girls apart by their jobs, as they both work as VIP hostesses in London.

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