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How is Love Island's Sophie related to Rochelle Humes? All the details you need to know

The 21-year-old is currently starring on Love Island

Aisha Nozari

Sophie Piper is already shaping up to be one of the most loveable contestants on winter Love Island. A 21-year-old medical PA from Essex and model signed to Milk management, you've probably noticed by now that Sophie looks pretty familiar… Well, that's because her sister is none other than Rochelle Humes!


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After their parents' divorce, Sophie and Rochelle were raised by their mother and uncle Paul Ince, who was a footballer.
The two look practically identical, so we were surprised to learn that they only have one parent in common – mum Roz. But Rochelle isn't Sophie's only lookalike sibling. The two have a third sister, Lili, who also looks so much like them, and a brother, Jake.

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rochelle sophie lilli

Rochelle, Lilli and Sophie

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Lilli has only been in Sophie and Rochelle's life for a few years, and grew up separately from the Love Island star and The Saturdays singer. Lilli, who shares a father with Rochelle, met her sister briefly when she was five, but the situation was "complicated" and the sisters didn’t see much of each other growing up.

However, that all changed in 2017 when Rochelle caught up with former Love Island contestant turned This Morning host Kem Cetinay at a work party. Speaking on a podcast, Rochelle revealed that Kem told her: "I got to talk to you... as soon as I became a celeb, I promised my friend Lili that I would talk to you as she's your sister on your dad's side."

sophie and rochelle

Sophie and Rochelle 

Doting mum Rochelle continued: "I knew of her and met up with her when I was five, but it was so complicated as they were a lot younger and my dad wasn't involved. She WhatsApped me and I didn't reply till the morning. We planned to go out for dinner with my other sister and brother and I made Marvin come with me because I was so scared." Rochelle sweetly added: " We've spoken every day since - Jeremy Kyle style. It's like we've known each other all our lives."

sophie and lill

Sophie and Lilli

Since entering the villa, Sophie has formally had her sister's support on Instagram. The This Morning host commented on one of her sister's Instagram posts saying: "Good luck baby sis. Bring us back a keeper," and also shared a sweet good luck message for Sophie written by her daughter Alaia-Mai.

Speaking of Instagram, Sophie, Rochelle and Lilli often share snaps of each other on social media and seem to spend plenty of time together. On her birthday in October, Sophie uploaded a photo of herself and Lilli enjoying dinner together. Over summer, the budding star treated followers to a candid snap of herself and big sister Rochelle in dressing gowns without a spec of makeup on, and the two look practically identical!

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