How much of your life are you spending watching Netflix?

Hang on, we spent how long watching Netflix's You?!

Emmy Griffiths

We all love Netflix and its seemingly endless supply of shows, right? From Stranger Things to Black Mirror, the streaming service definitely has something for everyone. Like a tear-jerker? They'll help you out. Need a new true crime documentary? They've got you covered. Since sometimes staying in and binging on an entire new show is impossible to resist, it's hardly surprising that the hours rack up! have totalled up just how much time you'd need to watch Netflix's hottest shows, so crack out your calculator and see just how much of your life you've spent watching the streaming service recently!


Surprising right? According to OnBuy, in the time you watched all seven seasons of Orange is the New Black, you could have finished the basic training for Operational Support staff in HMPPS, carrying out security searches, reporting contraband items and checking CCTV. With You, could you have learned all about ethical hacking from scratch, and with The Ranch, you could have learnt how to make 18 classic cocktails on a course and become a qualified bartender. Wow.


It takes nearly four days to watch the entire series of Orange is the New Black

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As for Jessica Jones, in the time it would take to watch the entire show from start to finish, you could fly to Las Vegas, visit the Marvel Avengers interactive exhibition, go for dinner and fly home – and still have time to spare! But is this going to stop us from watching the latest show to hit the streaming service? Doubtful!

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