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Last Tango in Halifax star reveals Alan and Celia's marriage troubles

It is trouble in paradise for Alan and Celia in Last Tango in Halifax season five

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Emmy Griffiths
Emmy GriffithsTV & Film Editor
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Last Tango in Halifax will return to our screens on Sunday – and it looks like it won't be smooth sailing for Celia and Alan's marriage. The popular BBC show focuses on the families of the two OAPs who fall in love and get married after reuniting 60 years after they were at school together, and although they have had disagreements before, Derek Jacobi and Anne Reid revealed that season five will see the couple's relationship challenged more than ever.

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It's trouble in paradise for Alan and Celia

Chatting about the series at a Q&A, Anne said that her character wasn't happy when Alan gets a job working at a supermarket. She says: "[Celia's] a terrible snob! She has delusions of grandeur – she wants a husband who will work in an office and look nice… and not wear a uniform… It's quite interesting because… I was just saying earlier to somebody that in the beginning, I think the clever thing about this series and the thing I love is the fact that he fell in love with this pretty girl at 16 and they didn't get together, and he had fantasies about her."

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Derek and Anne opened up about the pair's marital troubles

She continued: "Maybe we've all got somebody that we met when we were young and we've thought, 'What would it be like if I married them?' And he's just fantasised about with her off and on and then he meets her, and he marries her, and he finds out what she's really like!"

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The 84-year-old continued: "She always had the upper hand because he was so besotted when they first met. And now after seven years he's not quite so besotted and I think she's the one who would die if he left her." Derek agreed, explaining: "I think I'm on the turn – I think I need a little bit of my own independence and I can see flaws in her that I didn't see before, and I can make my opinion known. I'm on thin ice with her! But I am determined to state my case and be my own man and I think he's getting a little bit bored with 'us'… Getting out and meeting people helps!"

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