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Viewers have noticed a very special link between two characters in Belgravia

Did you spot it?

Francesca Shillcock

Fans of Belgravia have spotted a link between two of its characters and they can't get enough. Tamsin Greig, who plays Anne Trenchard in the ITV drama written by Julian Fellowes, and Paul Ritter, who plays Turton, also appear together in hit comedy show Friday Night Dinner.

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The pair play Jackie and Martin Goodman in the Channel 4 comedy, which returned with a brand new series last week, along with comedians Simon Bird (The Inbetweeners) and Tom Rosenthal (Plebs) as their hapless, prankster sons Adam and Jonny. Although the shows are very different, viewers were loving drawing comparisons between the two.

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paul ritter belgravia

Paul (centre) as Turton in Belgravia

Taking to social media, many expressed their glee at noticing the link. One person tweeted: "Was it done deliberately to put the mum and dad from #FridayNightDinner in #Belgravia together?" while another wrote: "Anyone else noticed that Jackie and Martin are moonlighting together in #Belgravia #FridayNightDinner."

Other viewers couldn't resist making a witty reference to the sitcom. One person joked: "Jackie was so annoyed after Martin got that caravan she forced him to be her servant #Belgravia," while another quipped: "Surely Martin’s not going to betray Jackie??? #Belgravia crosses over with #FridayNightDinner." One viewer was keen to see another favourite character from Friday Night Dinner, Jim, make an appearance. "Can we get a Jim cameo please? 'Greetings Jackie, one looks... nice?'" complete with a hilarious gif from the show.

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tamsin and paul friday night dinner

The two actors as Martin and Jackie in Friday Night Dinner

In Belgravia, Tamsin, who's also known for her work in Episodes and Green Wing, plays Anne, a "clever, strong woman, but not a bully". Anne is keen to honour her husband's word, but also believes in others' right to the truth about their family. Her judgements are occasionally derailed by her husband's aspirations and her own emotional response to events in the Trenchards' lives. Paul, who is also known for his work in Chernobyl, plays Turton, the Trenchard's butler, who wouldn't be averse to making some money out of them for his own retirement.

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