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Meet The Luminaries star Eva Green's twin sister Joy

Eva and her sister, Joy, are non-identical 

eva joy green
Emmy Griffiths
TV & Film Editor
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Eva Green is currently starring in The Luminaries, a BBC period drama where two soul mates, or 'astral twins,' are torn apart by circumstances beyond their control. Outside of the show, Eva, who plays the conniving Lydia Wells, has a real-life twin herself! The pair, who are non-identical, are the only children of French actress Marlène Jobert and dentist Walter Green. 

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Eva previously opened up about her sister to Town and Country magazine, explaining: "We became close with age – we were too different as children. Now we really get on; we are still very different, but we kind of complete each other."

eva and joy green

Eva with her parents and twin sister, Joy

She also revealed that she would regularly go to the cinema, an interest that wasn't shared by her sister. She explained: "I used to go on my own, my sister wasn’t interested." 

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In early photos of the pair, they look very much alike with blonde hair, which Eva nows dyes. She explained: "I spent five hours at the hairdresser. It’s who I am, I feel more 'me.'" Joy is a business school graduate who now lives in Italy with her husband, where they co-run a wine company. Eva told W magazine: "She's not at all in the business, she lives in Italy, she's married to an Italian count, she's blonde. She's the other me, the happy me!" 

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Eva recently opened up about her character on Luminaries, telling Deadline: "I needed to get into the world and take an American accent, which is not natural to me. Lydia is quite smooth and nonchalant." 

twins eva joy

Eva and Joy with their mother, Marlène Jobert

She continued: "You've got the gold rush, but it's also a world where men outnumber women and you have to be super strong as a woman — have a knife under your skirt and wish for the best. I don’t get much pleasure out of playing the girlfriend all the time. You want to do what the guys do. Especially on this show, it was physically very demanding and very exciting."