What is Eva Green's accent in The Luminaries? 

Fans have been unable to place the Casino Royale actress' accent in the show 

Emmy Griffiths

The Luminaries, a period drama about the gold rush in New Zealand, has been a hit on the BBC, with episode three premiering on Sunday evening. However, there is one element that has been confusing viewers - the variety of accents! 

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Taking to Twitter, fans of the show were quick to discuss their confusion in regards to this one element on the drama, with one joking: "I wish they could pick an accent and stick to it  #TheLuminaries," while another added: "I don't quite get Eva Greens accent. Is she Irish, American? #TheLuminaries." 

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The French actress has opened up about her role in the series, and revealed that Lydia Wells hails from San Francisco. Chatting to Deadline, she said: "I needed to get into the world and take an American accent, which is not natural to me. Lydia is quite smooth and nonchalant." 

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Speaking about the series, she continued: "You've got the gold rush, but it's also a world where men outnumber women and you have to be super strong as a woman — have a knife under your skirt and wish for the best. I don’t get much pleasure out of playing the girlfriend all the time. You want to do what the guys do. Especially on this show, it was physically very demanding and very exciting." 


Have you been enjoying the series?

Viewers have been largely positive about the show so far, with one person writing: "Rather enjoyed the new #TheLuminaries. Brilliant acting from a rather hard book." Another fan added: "I'm gonna need a series two of #TheLuminaries because that was amazing! It was a bit confusing, so you really have to pay attention but the last two eps pulled it all together and were brilliant. I want to know more!"