How true to life is Tina and Bobby starring Michelle Keegan?

The ITV drama originally aired in 2017

Francesca Shillcock

If you're wanting to watch drama series Tina and Bobby all over again or if you missed it the first time, then you're in luck because ITV are airing the three-part show starting from Wednesday evening.

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The series, which was first aired back in 2017, stars Outlaw King's Lorne MacFadyen as former footballer Bobby Moore and Our Girl star Michelle Keegan as his wife Tina. The drama tells the story of the real life couple's marriage from when and how they met, to the 1966 World Cup and Bobby's sad death in 1993. But how true to life is the drama? Here's what we know…

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Lorne MacFadyen and Michelle Keegan as Bobby and Tina Moore

How true to life is Tina and Bobby?

Like most TV programmes, Tina and Bobby is enhanced for dramatic effect, but the basis of the story is true. In fact, the show was created from Tina's memoirs, Bobby Moore: By The Person Who Knew Him Best and Tina herself, now 75-years-old, worked as a script consultant. The footballer's widow even met with the cast during production, particularly Michelle Keegan, giving her anecdotes and tips on playing her. So it's safe to say that the drama depicts a mostly accurate portrayal of the couple's life.


Tina and Bobby is being re-aired on ITV

How did Tina and Bobby Moore meet?

Bobby and Tina Moore met when Tina (then Tina Dean) was aged just 15 when she met her future husband at an Essex nightclub. The couple married shortly after in 1962 and welcomed two children, Roberta and Dean, however the couple later separated and eventually divorced in 1986.


Tina and Bobby Moore in 1967

When Tina was six months pregnant with their daughter Roberta, Bobby was diagnosed with testicular cancer, putting his place in the World Cup tournament under threat. Eventually, Bobby had surgery and recovered. Bobby and Tina were together at the height of Bobby's fame when he was captain of the England squad and lead them to victory at the World Cup in 1966. The former West Ham player was hailed as a legend in the sport right up until his death in 1993.


Tina met with Michelle to work on the drama series

Why did Tina and Bobby Moore split?

During their marriage, Tina and Bobby were thought of as football's golden couple, with Tina later given the "original WAG" moniker. Further down the line after Bobby's professional career came to an end, the couple called it quits after Tina discovered Bobby was having an affair with flight attendant Stephanie Parlane, with whom Bobby then began a relationship with.

How did Bobby Moore die?

After his bought of cancer at the age of 23, Bobby had surgery and recovered, enjoying the rest of his professional success. However, later on in his life he announced he had been diagnosed with bowel and liver cancer, and sadly passed at his home in London in 1993 at the age of 51.

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