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Viewers criticise ITV documentary Rose West & Myra Hindley: Untold Story

The programme revealed previously unknown details about the infamous killers

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Francesca Shillcock
Francesca ShillcockSenior Features Writer
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Notorious murderers Rose West and Myra Hindley were the subject of a gripping ITV documentary on Monday evening which detailed previously unknown facts about the killers. But it seems the one-off programme sparked some criticism from viewers at home, with some even claiming the documentary was "glorifying" the criminals.

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Taking to social media to discuss the show, many expressed their criticism towards the show. One person tweeted angrily: "Stop glorifying them! Evil child killers. Ones dead, hope other isn't far behind! #TheUntoldStory."

untold story rose west and myra hindley© Photo: ITV

Rose West and Myra Hindley formed a romantic relationship in prison

A second person echoed this, writing: "We love celebrating serial killers. It's quite concerning #rosewest #myrahindley #theuntoldstory." Meanwhile a third person simply added: "Its like the crossover show that nobody asked for... Rose West & Myra Hindley - #TheUntoldStory." 

Viewers did all seem to agree, however, on the shocking details of the two women's crimes, and the revelation that the criminals formed a romantic relationship while serving time in the same prison.

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myra prison© Photo: Rex

Myra died in 2002 and Rose West remains incarcerated

A viewer at home commented: "Myra Hindley and Rose West were apparently a couple in jail. What a match made in HELL! #theuntoldstory #monsters," while another said: "Whose [expletive] idea was it to out these two Murderers in the same prison. They should have never been in the same county let alone jail."

A third person tweeted: "#TheUntoldStory I'm never so disturbed by these sort of horrific stories as I am the thought of how many are going on today and no one knows, that's what REALLY concerns me!"

untold story linda© Photo: ITV

Former inmates spoke during the programme about the two criminals

During the programme, journalist and broadcaster Trevor McDonald interviewed ex-inmates of the pair including former Category A prisoners, Marisa Merico and ex-gangster Linda Calvey to gauge what Myra and Rose were like as fellow prisoners.

It was subsequently revealed that Myra and Rose ended up becoming romantically involved and the two used their murderous temperament to manipulate fellow inmates and officers.

Rose West was jailed in 1995 for the murder of ten young women in her home she shared with her husband Fred, between the years of 1971 and 1987. She is also believed to have killed her step daughter Charmaine. Myra Hindley, who died in 2002 from cancer, is notoriously known for being part of the "Moors murders" alongside her then-partner Ian Brady which occured between 1963 and 1965.

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