Steph McGovern receives sad news about new show

The BBC star fronts her own show

Aisha Nozari

It has been revealed that Steph McGovern's new show, Steph's Packed Lunch, did not have a single viewer at one point on Tuesday.

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Official Barb ratings did not record a single person watching the daytime show at 12.56pm on Tuesday, less than half an hour after the programme started

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Steph's show was on at the same time as Loose Women, which attracted a million viewers at its peak that day, making the competition incredibly tough.

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Steph is one of TV's most popular hosts 

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The BBC journalist's show was only relaunched a fortnight prior, and regarding the poor viewership Channel 4 told The Mirror:

"On Tuesday Steph’s Packed Lunch attracted an average audience of 87,000 viewers from 12.30pm – 2.10pm and drew 204,000 at its peak. Daytime shows always take time to build their audience.

"Steph has brought a blast of energy to our daytime line-up and we’re delighted with the live shows the team has produced."

Steph made headlines earlier in the week following her appearance on comedian Suzi Ruffell's podcast, Out, when she gave fans a rare insight into her personal life.

The 38-year-old lives with her female partner in Yorkshire, and they welcomed their first child together in November last year. 


She became a mum last year 

However, Steph explained that several people assume her partner is a man as she keeps details of her daughter and girlfriend to herself.

The famous mum confessed she tends to get accosted by people asking her about her "fella" ever since she welcomed her first child.

"I've never officially come out," she explained, adding that she has dated both men and women. 

"I didn't do this big thing of 'I am gay' like my mate Reg did... I just kind of go with the flow of things, and I did not really overthink it."

On why she keeps her private life away from the limelight, Steph revealed she is trying to live a normal life as possible under the circumstances.

 "It's not like I'm ashamed of anything in my life," she explained. "It's more a case of I'm trying to lead as normal a life as I can.'"

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