All Creatures Great and Small

All Creatures Great and Small star Nicholas Ralph makes amazing revelation about show 

Did you know that this is Nicholas Ralph's first-ever television role?

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Nicholas Ralph is nothing less than a joy to watch as the kind and caring vet James Herriot in Channel 5's hit show, All Creatures Great and Small. But did you know it was the actor's first-ever television role? Ahead of Tuesday night's finale, see what he had to say about his first screen role being such an iconic one! 

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Chatting to Channel 5, he explained: "It is a pretty huge opportunity. I knew it would be a non-stop learning process and I would have to take it step by step and learn as we went as it’s my first time being on set and certainly the first lead role in a TV series and for it to be this one is really incredible.

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"The more I researched and discovered about the world of James Herriot, which is absolutely massive, and is still thriving today… it was pure excitement. So big shoes to fill and of course you have slight nerves that go with that but the overriding emotion is excitement. Of course I want to do it justice so if anything it focuses you in even more. I just hope people enjoy it." 


James is Nicholas' first television role 

The finale of the hit show will see James deal with his feelings towards Helen, with the synopsis reading: "Mrs Hall discovers it is James' birthday and Tristan sets about planning a surprise party. James is still pining after Helen but Tristan tells him it’s time to look to pastures new and persuades him to go on a double date." 

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Speaking about their relationship, Nicholas said: "Helen is one of the first people James comes across and it is pretty much love at first sight. He is bowled over by her and the more he gets to know her the more he realises that she is everything James ends up loving about The Dales but also everything he loves in a person." 

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