Did you know Antiques Road Trip star Natasha Raskin Sharp has a famous dad?

We love watching the TV personality on Antiques Road Trip 

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We love watching Natasha Raskin Sharp show off her amazing antique and art expert knowledge on Antiques Road Trip, but did you know that the star has a hugely talented dad as well?

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Philip Raskin is a renowned Scottish artist who is known for his work with landscape and seascapes. He is also, incidentally, the reason why Natasha chose a career in antiques!

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Chatting to the BBC about her decision, she explained: "I was gently nudged in the direction of the antique trade and auction houses by my dad, who thought that I'd be well-suited to the environment. Although I'd never normally admit it, he was absolutely right!" 

She also ran an art supply business with her father, and after Glasgow auction house McTear invited her dad to sell his work there, she went along and discovered her love of auctions. 

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She told the Sunday Post: "I’d never been to an auction. So I went along with him and it was such a buzz I immediately got him to ask them for a job. At first, there wasn’t an opening, but I phoned and phoned and finally they gave me an internship in 2011." 


Natasha is an antique and art expert

The rest, as they say, is history! Philip also previously ran a restaurant, something Natasha admitted she could see herself doing. She explained: "My plan was always to follow in my parents' footsteps and open a restaurant. If I'm honest, I'm not ruling it out as a sideline....there's nothing quite like catering to keep you on your toes!" 

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