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Where is The Serpent's Nadine Gires now?

Mathilde Warnier plays Nadine in the BBC drama

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Francesca Shillcock
Senior Features Writer
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The Serpent is getting more and more tense with each episode. Last week, viewers of the BBC drama saw serial killer Charles Sobhraj and Marie-Andrée Leclerc, under the guise of Alain and Monique, attempt to poison traveller Dominique, which led Nadine Gires to undertake a secret mission to help bring down the criminals.

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Nadine, who is played by actress Mathilde Warnier in the series, was tasked with taking a series of photos of Charles and Marie-Andrée to show Dutch diplomat Herman Knippenberg for his investigation.

But what happened to Nadine in real life, and where is she now? Ahead of episode five on Sunday, find out all below...

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What happened to The Serpent's Nadine?

It's revealed in the show that Nadine and her husband Remi manage to escape Charles' and Marie-Andrée's terrifying grip as they continue to assist Herman and Angela in catching the criminals.

After he was caught, Nadine went on to live a very private life with her husband in Thailand – however the couple then later divorced.

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nadine the serp© Photo: BBC

Nadine helped Angela and Herman bring down Charles and Marie-Andree

Where is The Serpent's Nadine now?

Today, it's reported that Nadine lives on a beach resort in Thailand where she runs as a business. Her ex-husband, meanwhile, works further north of the country where he grows tropical fruit to sell at local markets.

In an interview with the Daily Mirror, Nadine spoke to the publication about what happened, saying: "Charles is a monster and I am terrified of him – I used to sleep with a baseball bat under my bed."

She added: "When Charles was arrested I celebrated with a bottle of champagne. I don't feel guilty because I know I did everything I could to put a stop to the murders. And I can tell you it was a good lesson. Now I am very careful with the people I meet."

the serpent nadine marie© Photo: BBC

Nadine was a neighbour of Charles and Marie-Andree

What has Mathilde Warnier said about The Serpent's Nadine?

Nadine even spent some time with the actress who plays her for the drama. Mathilde Warnier, who also works as columnist and model in France, said: "I talked to her over the phone before shooting and later had the chance to meet her on set. She is even more incredible in real life! I was intimidated by meeting her, she’s been so strong and The Serpent is the story of her life.

"I remember having my wig and Scooby-Doo style costume on, whilst she was on set and I was terribly worried about what she might think of my portrayal. I have a huge admiration for her." 

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