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Will there be a series two of Netflix's Crime Scene?

The first season focused on the notorious Cecil Hotel

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Francesca Shillcock
Senior Features Writer
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Netflix is known for its gripping true-crime documentaries and Crime Scene is no different. The first season focused on the tragic events that happened at the Cecil Hotel and many are wondering whether the investigative show will return for more episodes.

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Although season one focused on one case, the Crime Scene series could return to focus on another shocking tale. According to the show's creator, Joe Berlinger, more episodes investigating a new case could be on the horizon.

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He told Entertainment Weekly: "The whole point of the series was not just to tell the Elisa Lam story, but we have an ongoing series of which this is the first season. We're looking at a place and analysing what contributes to crime in this area, and what contributes to the perception of crime."

Netflix are yet to confirm that the true-crime programme will officially return, but given Joe's comments and the popularity of the series, fans certainly have reason to have hope that more episodes will return at some point.

The first four episodes devolved into the case of 21-year-old student Elisa Lam who mysteriously died in 2013 while staying at the Cecil Hotel. But the establishment had been known as a dark place for a number of years.

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cecil hotel© Photo: Netflix

Season one focused on the infamous Cecil Hotel

The hotel, located in downton Los Angeles, became notorious throughout the twentieth century and was dubbed "The Suicide" and "The Death Hotel" by locals in the 1920s due to the shockingly high numbers of deaths that occurred there.

In the documentary, Amy Price, who worked as a general manager at the hotel, claimed she had seen over 80 deaths at the hotel during the ten years she worked there between 2007 and 2017 - including the death of the 21-year-old college student.

After the series of harrowing events that took place there, the hotel closed and opened a number of times and even rebranded. In 2014, the hotel was sold again and three years later closed its door for renovations. The hotel remains closed today, but according to reports, is set to reopen in 2021. 

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