Intruder viewers left 'disappointed' by finale

Here's the ending of the Channel 5 thriller explained...

Channel 5's new mini-series, Intruderhas received a mixed response since it began – and the finale was no different. Thursday evening saw the end of Rebecca and Sam's story play out on screen after a burglary gone wrong at their home left them scrambling to try and cover up a murder.

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However, many fans were left feeling somewhat disappointed by the final moments. Warning! Spoilers ahead for episode four of Intruder...

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In what turned out to be a surprising turn of events – viewers saw Rebecca take the reins on trying to cover up her husband's murder of Syed, and takes dramatic precautions to do so.

After witness Angela threatens to run to the police, Rebecca has no choice but to kill her off and stages her murder to look like an accident. However, she soon realises that the authorities are closing in on her and Sam, particularly due to Liaison Officer Karen (Sally Lindsay) having doubts about their story from the start.

Rebecca then enlists a former local resident – with whom she had a troubled past – to hatch an escape plan and frame her husband for the death of Angela, who was in fact having an affair with Sam.

After convincing her husband they need to escape, Rebecca and Sam then begin an exit route through a bizarre cave path. She tricks her husband into staying while she finds a way out, only to leave him there to freeze to death. Rebecca subsequently gets away with the crimes due to Karen and local detectives lacking sufficient evidence – despite being convinced of her guilt.

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It's this chain of events that many found disappointing as it played out on screen. One person wrote on Twitter: "#Intruder Arrrgggghhh! How is it possible that the ending was even worse than the whole 4 hours that preceded it????"

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A second person wrote: "Gloriously rubbish! No ends tied up whatsoever. Damp squibs all round. Only redeeming quality is it was unintentionally funny #Intruder," while a third simply wrote: "Well disappointed with the end of Intruder #intruder."

However, it wasn't all bad as others seemed to enjoy watching the story unfold. A fan tweeted: "#Intruder not sure why everyone's complaining. Found it gripping with twists and turns and an interesting ending. Lots of food for thought."

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