Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist star Jane Levy teases 'shockingly funny' musical number

Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist celebrates 100 musical numbers

Jane Levy has teased one of the funniest moments of her hit series Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist, ahead of the show's 100th musical number.

On Sunday 11 April, fans will see the 'heart songs' Zoey hears glitch, leading her friends and family to sing songs meant for other people.

In one brilliant scene, John Clarence Stewart, who plays Zoey's love interest Simon, breaks out into a viral hit song, complete with one explosive dance sequence.

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John Clarence Stewart will perform of the show's "funniest" scenes

"I think I was so shocked, like I was in a true state of disbelief that I didn't really have to do anything," Jane has now shared.

"We shot that late at night after a really long day, and everybody was exhausted.

"And then that song happened, and everybody was in the best mood. And if anyone can pull that song off, it's John Stewart apparently."

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Speaking to E! Online, Jane added that the song - which has over a billion streams - was completely unknown to her co-star, which made filming the scene even more "funny".

Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist launched in 2020, and follows San Francisco-based coder Zoey, played by Jane, who is trying to make it in a male-dominated industry.

But during a routine check-up, she is gifted with the ability to hear people's innermost thoughts through the medium of big, colorful musical numbers.

The show launched in 2020

Alex Newell stars as Mo, her neighbor who helps her to decode the song, Pitch Perfect star Skylar Astin as her colleague and another love interest, Max, and Mary Steenburgen as her mom, Maggie.

The show won an Emmy for Outstanding Choreography for Scripted Programming in 2020, and Jane was nominated for a Golden Globe in 2021 for her performance.

Sunday's episode celebrates 100 musical numbers - and in just 21 episodes.

Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist airs on Sunday on NBC at 9/8c