Netflix's Why Did You Kill Me? is your next true-crime film to watch

Fans are loving the gripping new documentary

Why Did You Kill Me? on Netflix landed recently and instantly became a huge topic of discussion among true-crime fanatics.

The films tells the real-life story of the 2006 murder of Crystal Theobold and her mother Belinda's fight to seek justice for her daughter's death using intriguing methods. Watch the trailer for the gripping new true-crime documentary below…

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It seems that viewers took to social media after watching Why Did You Kill Me? and are all in agreement that the new film is pretty baffling, especially Belinda's methods to seek her daughter's killers.

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WATCH: Why Did You Kill Me? on Netflix is a new true-crime film

After discovering the lengths Belinda went to in order to find the perpetrators behind Crystal's death, including creating a fake MySpace account to lure the people she considered prime suspects towards a trap and plotting to kill them, many voiced their disbelief at the film and Belinda's actions.

One person wrote: "Ms Belinda went crazy on the MySpace #WhyDidYouKillMe." A second person wrote: "#WhyDidYouKillMe on Netflix is crazy. Talk about doing anything to get justice for a loved one."

A third said: "#WhyDidYouKillMe on Netflix is a hard one to watch. There are no winners and losers, so many young people paying for the difficulties of their parents and their circumstances. The cycle is endless and sad."

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Have you watched the new true-crime film?

A fourth commented: "So #WhyDidYouKillMe was really good... came for the revenge gimmick, stayed for the deep examination of the cycle and brotherhoods of poverty, crime and violence too many young guys get trapped in, 'we lived the fast life, did things I can't even condone for that we get nightmares'."

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Crystal Theobold was killed in 2006 aged 24 in her hometown in Southern California. At the time, her family believed that a gang named Riverside were responsible and created a fake MySpace account to seek out those they suspected.

Eventually, they found the driver of the Ford Expedition that was seen at the crime scene – who was later arrested and charged with first degree murder.

The synopsis reads: "After her daughter is killed, a mother uses the social networking site MySpace to investigate the people she believes are responsible, resulting in reverberations for multiple families." 

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