The Pact viewers all saying the same thing about this character after episode four

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BBC One's gripping new drama The Pact has really got TV fans talking - and it seems that viewers all had the same response after watching episode four on Tuesday night.

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After it was discovered in episode three that Nancy, played by Broadchurch and Coronation Street actress Julie Hesmondhalgh, had been blackmailing the group, episode four revealed her motivations - and they were far from sinister.

Rather than a criminal mastermind, it turned out that Nancy was just desperate for cash since her husband had racked up crippling debts through gambling and so cooked up the short-sighted plan to extort the money out of her fellow Evans' brewery workers.

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When Anna, played by Laura Fraser, learnt Nancy had been the one behind the menacing texts, she begged her not to tell their friends Cat and Louie. But her pleas fell on deaf ears and Anna went ahead and told the other two everything. 

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The episode ended with Nancy vowing to somehow earn back their trust before returning home only to find the police arriving not long after, presumably to arrest her.

After the credits rolled, many viewers took to Twitter to express their sympathy for Nancy and her situation. "Awwww. I actually feel really sorry for Nancy @JulieHes she screwed up, but she was just desperate, she ain't the killer," one viewer wrote.

Nancy was the one blackmailing the group, but is she the killer?

Another said: "Oh no! It was totally wrong what she did but I can't help but feel sorry for Nancy #ThePact," while a third simply wrote: "Poor Nancy."

The series is set to conclude next week when episode episodes five and six air at the same time on Monday and Tuesday. However, the entire series is available to watch on BBC iPlayer, meaning plenty have already binged all the episodes already.

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Meanwhile, Rakie Ayola, who plays DS Holland, recently teased the potential for a second series. Speaking to press, she said: "We shouldn't jinx it. These six episodes are worth investing in because they are fantastic and there really is a story that goes from A to Z. [But] we might be here in 20 years talking about it, who knows."

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