The Pursuit of Love fans left 'sobbing' after moving finale

The three-part series concluded over the weekend

Over the past few weeks, The Pursuit of Love has been the BBC drama that everyone is talking about.

The three-part series, starring Lily James, Dominic West and Andrew Scott, tells the story of two cousins on their quest for romance – and it seems the final instalment of the show proved to be an emotional watch.

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Warning! Spoilers ahead for the finale…

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Viewers gave their verdict on social media after the episode aired on BBC One on Sunday. One fan said: "Even though I knew what happens at the end, I still found #ThePursuitofLove incredibly moving. Loved the adaptation - beautifully done."

A second person wrote: "Just finished #ThePursuitofLove and I am in pieces." A third had a similar response, tweeting: "Really enjoyed #ThePursuitOfLove and sobbed too." Meanwhile, a fourth said: "Did a BIG cry #thepursuitoflove."

The finale ended in tragedy for cousins Linda and Fanny. After whirlwind romances, Linda (played by Lily James) ended up falling pregnant during the height of the war and her cousin, Fanny, is pregnant at the same time, which reignites their bond. However, Linda tragically dies during childhood, leaving Fanny and her husband Alfred to adopt her child, naming him Fabrice after his late father.

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The Pursuit of Love was based on Nancy Mitford's novel of the same name

Although the ending was very similar to the Nancy Mitford novel, it seems the stars of the show are keen to keep the story going and continue to explore Fanny's journey in the wake of her cousin's death.

Speaking about a potential sequel, Emily Beecham (who played Fanny), said she would "definitely" like to return to the show and character. Lily James also weighed in on a potential second series, telling Radio Times: "We've got to keep going. You can't leave Fanny there. It would be a crime."

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Fans were devasted when Linda died during childbirth

Prior to the romantic drama landing on screens, Lily opened up about playing the part of Linda, a character who she could "totally" relate to. The Downton Abbey star told the BBC: "She is a wonderful character: free-spirited, passionate, impulsive, fiery, frustrating, selfish and a brilliant human-being.

"The choices she makes at times feel harsh and quite brutal but I instinctively feel I understand her and love her deeply. I recognise a lot of myself in her."

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